You Are POWerful-Women are Changing the World

Style YOUniversityLast week as I listened to Elisabeth Marchant, CEO of Womenetics, it dawned on me how incredibly powerful women are.

I’ve always felt that quiet strength around me both in my mother and many of my friends. It is astounding to see how women are changing the world.

On April 26, 2011, POWerful women will be honored at the annual POW Awards Luncheon.  Here are some of those astounding facts.

  • 51% of the world’s population is female
  • Globally, women invest up to 90% of their income in families and communities
  • In 2011 – 8.1 million owned businesses generated 1.3 trillion dollars & employed 7.9 million people

Your ripple effect is felt near and far. My mother always told me to try and spend my dollar in the community because it gets turned over (spent) again some 6-8 times before ever leaving, thus making other people successful.

Now, I would never suggest that women go it alone!  There’s much to be learned from our male counterparts.  Besides, we need their support and encouragement too!   Become a part of this powerful movement. Do something that adds to your powerful self!

  • Give yourself a “pat on the back”
  • Acknowledge the truths that you can and do change the world we live in
  • You don’t have to use your body to be successful
  • Become a student of someone you admire
  • Learning is life-long
  • Never compromise your own integrity
  • Support other women
  • Know that it doesn’t happen overnight

I’m sure you can add to this list and I’d welcome the additions!

As a business owner, Lya Sorano of Atlanta Women in Business has been supporting women for over 30 years.  Her motto is: “History Supports Us, the Future Propels Us”.  As you learn to “do” and support others see how far the future takes you!

You are all powerful…..You are changing the world each and everyday just by being you.  Embrace who you are and the special gifts that God has given you and your beauty will create an incredible legacy for others to follow!

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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