When a Nautical Stripe Goes Wrong

Nautical Stripe ShirtNautical Stripes…You know how much I love a Nautical Stripe.  It’s a classic.  I received this email from a client a few weeks ago and decided it was a great learning opportunity for you.  Here’s what her comment was:

“pictures prove that fit and color are critical”

Nautical Stripes ARE a classic, but you must know how to choose your stripes.  Choosing the wrong color, size and scale of a stripe can be the difference between a great looking style or adding needless extra pounds to your appearance.

In terms of style EVERYTHING MATTERS especially when choosing a stripe.

In the interest of FULL Disclosure, my client said to me:

  “I am sending you two pics you might enjoy….share as you wish.”

It takes a confident woman to do that.  I am grateful to my clients and grateful for you! 

Thank you Phalynn…Many women will also thank you too….because

The Camera Doesn’t Lie!

Nautical StripesThere are a few things wrong with this shirt:

  • The white background shows how “Light” colors enlarge
  • The dark stripe is not wide enough
  • The fabric on the shirt is too soft to support properly
  • Neckline should be deeper to draw the eye upward

Nautical Stripe #2

This is a great top on her.  What a difference color, fabric, scale and design make!  Here’s what I want you to Perfect Nautical Stripenotice:

  • The Fabric is more substantial
  • Sleeve length& neckline show more skin (more attractive)
  • Stripes are wider
  • Fabric background is darker.

 Nautical Stripe Fashion Tips

Please pay attention to these fashion tips when shopping for your best nautical stripe.

  1. Size of stripe
  2. Color of the stripe
  3. Color of the background of the shirt
  4. Fabric
  5. Fit of the shirt

Her parting comment was:

“just because stripes are on trend, doesn’t mean you have to wear them!” 

I think she looks great, don’t you?????

Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”