Wardrobe Building from Scratch – Starting Over

Wardrobe Building

Closet-StyleYOUniversityWhat would you do if you had to build your wardrobe from scratch?  Start over…with everything? How would you go about wardrobe building?

This week I had a client whose closet was destroyed by fire and this is what she is facing.  In some ways, I think that she is lucky…she may have memories of well-loved pieces but they no longer hold any attachments to her.  She doesn’t have to keep them because they are emotional to her.


Foundation First

She wanted to get her “colors” done so that as she is re-creating her wardrobe she does so with intention and focus only on the items which are only her best pieces.  It is freeing in a sense because there is nothing to work around, but it can also be an overwhelming task…where to start.

Wardrobe  building in this way is actually quite easy.  After doing her colors, we took her wallet and talked about creating a foundational core of her best neutral colors.  She loves brown and camel. They are great neutrals for her.

Accent Colors Second

She is a True Spring which means that her colors are “warm, light and bright”.  The next step in wardrobe building is choosing a couple of accent colors to work with and pair them with her foundational neutral choices.  She loves green and perhaps purple.  Both of these colors are plentiful this season and she’ll have fun hunting for just the right tops, t’s and sweaters to work with her foundational core.

Accessories Third

Her girlfriend sells jewelry and had already been helping her add some great accessory pieces to change up her wardrobe. One great handbag this season to start.  Why not start with the shade or tone in her hair? Camel as her neutral was a great place to start. Perhaps a pashmina in her favorite color, some great basic shoes and she’s done….for now.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

As she walked away, I saw that she was well on her way to a fabulous wardrobe and I wondered what I would do if I had to start over from scratch.  What core foundational pieces would I add first?  What accent colors?

What’s Your Approach to Wardrobe Building

How about you?  When you are cleaning your closet, how do you approach removing and planning for the season?  Are you ruthless about removing what no longer works or do you keep some pieces because they hold emotion in them?

Try removing anything from your wardrobe that holds negative emotion or energy.  At the very least take it to another closet and get it out of your mind’s eye and see what happens next.  You may feel that you can finally “let it go”.

Hopefully, starting over for you won’t be as drastic as my client’s, and maybe you can just start with your foundation.  Whatever you start with, see it through to the end of the season and you’ll begin to see the value in creating a wardrobe with substance and value.  You’ll begin your journey and you’ll:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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