Versatility- A Must Have for a Perfect Wardrobe

StyleYOUniversity.comOne of the biggest challenges women face with their wardrobe is mix and match.

Versatility is the key to mix and match.  Buying pieces that will serve multiple purposes for all of your lifestyle events can be challenging but it is learn-able!

It’s “lifestyle” dressing. Creating e a wardrobe that works for everyday, date night and weekend. I’ve been preaching how there must be a thread of truth throughout each lifestyle that resonates with who you are.

Last week, I met  jewelry stylist , Buffie Jabard One of the easiest ways to make your wardrobe more versatile is by adding different jewelry.

Over the past several seasons, layering necklaces has been one of the hottest trends in a long time.  That trend is being expanded to bracelets.  Wrap bracelets, leather grommets, spikes?

How do you buy pieces that work in your closet?  What is it that makes a piece versatile in your wardrobe? Follow these 3 important guidelines and you’ll find your wardrobe extended, on trend and fun for all your lifestyle events.

  1. Make sure that the piece isn’t over-sized or a statement piece
  2. Does it “feel” like you?  Does it resonate with your personal style?
  3. Remember the rule of 5 – when you buy one thing it should go with at least 5 other pieces in your closet to work.

Trends will always touch on many different aesthetics and when you keep it simple, you’ll be able to embrace multiple trends no matter how you wear it.

Check out the Rocker/Biker trend this season.  When you layer your bracelets in the way shown here, you not only embrace the trend in a subtle way, you also look chic and sexy too!  Everyone can wear these bracelets.  It doesn’t matter if you are  “corporate”, business casual or just dressing up your jeans.

I’m love multi-tasking a wardrobe and these pieces have such versatility they are a must have for your wardrobe.

Begin to think about extending the pieces you already have. Add something to dress it up.  Put an edge to it with something linear.  Whatever you do, continue to layering accessories will keep you versatile and on trend for fall…you’re sure to:

“Look Good, Feel Good and Have FUN Doing It!”

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