The Sole Truth-4 Tips to a Winning Shoe Wardrobe

StyleYOUniversity.comDo you suffer from sole fever? Are the new heights in heels making you suffer from  the lack of  “fabulitis”? I love this new term coined by Dr. Scholl’s..

We’ll talk about that later, but first how IS your wardrobe going this season?

If you haven’t noticed the trends in shoes….where have you been hiding??  Platforms, platform wedges, platform pumps, and 5 and 6″ stilettos are everywhere…Fear of heights might be holding you back, but the new designs are actually more comfortable and easier to wear than they used to be.

If you haven’t tried some of the new heights it’s time to play and update your shoe wardrobe.  One of the easiest ways to cure your ailing wardrobe is by adding some new shoes…It’ll bring in some “fabulitis” to your wardrobe.

Let me give you the Sole Truth before you go out and ramp it up with skyscraper heights. Start with these 4 tips to a winning shoe wardrobe and you won’t be left behind when things come down…and I promise the heights will come down!!

  1. Core Basics: Always begin with building a shoe wardrobe of basics.  That means you need to have a variety of heel heights to cover all of your lifestyle needs. You need, flats, heeled loafers and pumps.
  2. Simplicity Rules: Neutrals are best to start.  Get your best neutral color (black, brown, navy). I always recommend starting with black and keep any embellishments and detail to a minimum. No square or ultra round toe. Almond toe is classic.  Nothing too pointed.  No extremes.
  3. Heels Matter: Vary your heel height AND width but please make sure you can walk comfortably in them.  Extreme widths, heights and shaped heels are more trendy and will not stand the test of time.
  4. Soles Weigh In: The thicker the sole the more casual the look.   Widths add weight.  Rubber soles may be more comfortable but in certain lifestyle settings they may tip the balance of scales in the wrong direction!

I know it seems as if everyone is wearing skyscraper heels but you DON’T have to if you teeter back and forth.  Focus on your basics, keep them polished (figuratively and literally), and make sure that you have enough variety in the SAME color shoe to span all your lifestyle events.  If you do, you can go from everyday, to date night and into the weekend with the same outfit and always look polished…You’ll

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”


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