The Best Bikini Tops for Your Body

The Right Bikini Tops for YouIt’s been a long time since my body has been seen in a bikini…Truth be known, it’ll probably be still longer…BUT, I know some of you out there wear them and I want to help you get the best bikini for your body.

I’ve noticed that over the past several summers, swimwear has begun to change and recently I read that it is becoming sexy to ‘cover up’ again!  You are seeing this in the most stylish swimwear as well.  String bikinis are still popular for younger audiences but for the woman in her 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond who want to wear a bikini, there’s more coverage than ever.

Midikinis are the latest is two-piece swimwear options!  they are fun, flattering and easy to wear for any woman wanting a little different look this season.

Today, I’m talking about bikini tops!  When you look at swimwear for your body and specifically a 2-piece bathing suit, a bikini, it is important to determine where your ‘assets’ are and follow a these easy tips!

Tips if You Have a Full Bust

Best Bikini Tops Large Bust

  • Wider straps will support your bust and help keep the “girls” up!
  • Extra wide straps are NOT a necessity but you must make sure that you have structure supports (sides should have width).
  • Underwire will help keep the shape.

Tips if You have a Small Bust

Best Bikini Tops Small Bust

  • Tops with layered fabrics
  • Ruffles or ruching
  • Bold Patterns rather than solid colors

Finding the right bikini tops for you is not hard.  What’s hard is not getting distracted with all the trends of the season!  Try to keep your mind focused on the key area that you are working on and have fund with the color and you’ll do great!

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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