Adapt YOUR Wardrobe to the Seasons Latest Trends

Wedge Bootie

How Can You Adapt Your Wardrobe to the Latest Seasonal Trends? This week, I’m bringing back a Style Tip of the week. (It’ll be the Style Tip of the Month though) Do you know how to adapt your wardrobe to the latest trends? No matter if you are working on a new color, style or […]

4 Tips to “Switch” Your Wardrobe – Harmony Between Rational and Emotional Shopping

Emotional Shopper

This past week I received a ‘gift’ from my sister.  It’s fun get thins in the mail don’t you think? No it wasn’t a pair of shoes.  She sent me the book SWITCH:  How to Change Things When Change is Hard.    It’s a fascinating read no matter what you do in life! Written by 2 […]

The BOSS of Your Wardrobe?

Wardrobe on Purpose

Have you ever given any thought to “who” or what items rule your wardrobe?  What is the one thing that you keep coming back to time and time again, no matter how many of the same thing you own Going into someone’s closet and seeing their wardrobe give me a birds eye view of how […]

Adding Color to Your Wardrobe? 7 Tips to Add Spring Color Trends 2013

Spring Color Trends 2013

 Yesterday I posted the Pantone Colors for Spring Color Trends 2013 and asked on my FaceBook page what color “you” liked for the season.  Many chimed in with colors that they loved already. Some even asked “do I have to have only 1?” YOU DON’T NEED BASKIN ROBBINS IN YOUR CLOSET!  That one comment prompted […]

6 Must Have Jackets for Women in Your Wardrobe

Tory Burch Classic Jacket

It’s fall and we’re breaking out the jackets! In this StyleTip of the Week, I share with you the 6 Must Have Jackets for Women in EVERY Wardrobe! Women often ask me how to build a wardrobe and it all starts with having the right pieces for the right events for your lifestyle. Starting with […]

Look Sharp in a Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt

I love a pencil skirt.  It’s chic, it’s smart and versatile and so on trend right now.  Not all pencil skirts like me though.  I have a triangular body shape so try as I might, not all of them fit me in just the right places.  What’s a woman to do?  Any  body can wear […]

TOD’s Shoes -The Italian Stallion of Shoes

Tod's Shoes-St

TOD’s Shoes Tod’s is the Italian Leather goods house originally known for it’s shoes. The heart of the company still remains 70 years later. Tod’s began as a small family owned and operated shoe company in 1940. Dedicated to true craftsmanship, their shoes still go through a 100 step process in production. When you wonder […]

A Case for Less is More in Your Wardrobe


Less is More – Or Is It? You say you want “quality not quantity”, but do you?  You say “less is more” but is it? American women have been programmed to shop, bargain hunt and stuff pieces into their closets and I wonder if they believe the saying that “less is more”. It cycle’s with […]

Wardrobe Building from Scratch – Starting Over


Wardrobe Building What would you do if you had to build your wardrobe from scratch?  Start over…with everything? How would you go about wardrobe building? This week I had a client whose closet was destroyed by fire and this is what she is facing.  In some ways, I think that she is lucky…she may have […]

Image Consultant Brings Value to Personal Shopping


The Image Consultant and Personal Shopping A Perfect Combination As an image consultant, I’ve been doing a lot of personal shopping lately.  It’s common at the beginning of each season that I see an influx of activity. Clients want to get their wardrobes refreshed.  It’s fun, but its definitely NOT “retail therapy”! Don’t get me […]