What’s YOUR Style Personality

What’s YOUR Style Personality? Do you know what defines a style personality?  Can you pick which of these images might be who YOU are?  Your style personality is defined in the clothes you wear.  Sometimes we forget who we are and just ‘go for it’….buy what’s styled on the mannequin.  Then we don’t wear these […]

The Return of the Man – Menswear Trends

J. Crew Ludlow Collection

Watch out ladies, the hottest trend in the fashion industry is…..MEN, and it’s NOT your Trend… It’s Menswear Trends for the man! Could this signal the return of the MAN? I’m all for equality and women’s rights, but have felt for some time now that men have been taking a back seat….and it hasn’t been […]

Fall Color Trends 2014

Fall Color Trends

The Best Fall Color Trend for You Labor Day Weekend is here and this officially launches the end of summer. The Fall Season Begins. Have you been seeing all the fall color trends in the market? Overall, I feel the fall color trends  are beginning to soften a little.  This is typical for the change […]

Granola Goes Mainstream


Have you noticed what’s been going on around you lately? I think granola is going mainstream! Global Influence– People talk about clothing being “global”.  We have clothing made out of bamboo, cellulose and other new technologies.  The fashion industry is taking a look back to the 60’s and 70’s. It’s also a return to a more natural, […]

Adapt YOUR Wardrobe to the Seasons Latest Trends

Wedge Bootie

How Can You Adapt Your Wardrobe to the Latest Seasonal Trends? This week, I’m bringing back a Style Tip of the week. (It’ll be the Style Tip of the Month though) Do you know how to adapt your wardrobe to the latest trends? No matter if you are working on a new color, style or […]

Color for October – A Month Of Color

October Colors

October Color “Happy Birthday” October!    You are Peaceful, Poised and Balanced says Michele Bernhardt, author of Colorstrology. “The Color for the month of October is Cerulean.  Calm and soothing, Cerulean signifies love, beauty, and balance. Cerulean embodies the essence of peace and serenity while inspiring us to be strong and to take decisive action.  Venus, […]

Fall Trends 2013 from Pantone


Fall Trends 2013 It’s time start thinking about what COLOR you want to be for Fall 2013!  Right after the 4th of July fall trends start to appear.  Just yesterday, I received a note from a client saying that she was noticing all the “muted” colors in the market…Is it true? she asked….Are the colors […]

Look Sharp in a Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt

I love a pencil skirt.  It’s chic, it’s smart and versatile and so on trend right now.  Not all pencil skirts like me though.  I have a triangular body shape so try as I might, not all of them fit me in just the right places.  What’s a woman to do?  Any  body can wear […]

8 Ways to Flatter a Bottom-Heavy Figure

Sometimes it’s challenging to know what to wear to balance out a bottom-heavy figure.  Follow these 8 tips and you’ll not only balance out that figure but people will wonder what diet you’ve been on! 1. Balance Figure with Color, Fitted Pieces You can wear a fitted suit, even with a slim skirt, if you are […]

Spring Trends – Peter Pan Collars Can You Wear Them?


Trends – Peter Pan Collar One of the more subtle spring trends emerging is in the changes seen in collar styles.With the focus on feminine dressing of the 50’s and 60’s gentle rounded collars give an instant update to your wardrobe. As someone who coaches others on creating a “more youthful” appearance, wearing Peter Pan […]