Wearing White After Labor Day…End of Discussion

Wearing White After Labor Day

Labor Day is here. The ‘official’ end of summer and beginning of Fall.  The biggest question I get each year: “Is it ok to wear WHITE after Labor Day?” You know that I’m one to sit on both sides of the argument.  So YES….and NO… YES, you can wear white after Labor Day…Actually, you can […]

Are You Too Old to Wear Swimsuits?

Swimsuit Style

Here we go again…Memorial Day weekend is coming up and swimsuit season begins.  Do you think you are too old to don a bathing suit? We have had a pool in our back yard for many years now and I have enjoyed just sitting by the pool before it gets too hot and sticky.  Just […]

What’s YOUR Style Personality

What’s YOUR Style Personality? Do you know what defines a style personality?  Can you pick which of these images might be who YOU are?  Your style personality is defined in the clothes you wear.  Sometimes we forget who we are and just ‘go for it’….buy what’s styled on the mannequin.  Then we don’t wear these […]

Are You a Fashion Emergency?

Fashion Emergency

If you answer yes to 5 or more of the following questions, you might be headed for a fashion emergency. Are you over 35 and still wearing jeans that are frayed and pocked with holes? Does your midriff show when you are wearing tops? Does your thong or granny panty show or do you have vpl (visible […]

Look Sharp in a Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt

I love a pencil skirt.  It’s chic, it’s smart and versatile and so on trend right now.  Not all pencil skirts like me though.  I have a triangular body shape so try as I might, not all of them fit me in just the right places.  What’s a woman to do?  Any  body can wear […]

8 Ways to Flatter a Bottom-Heavy Figure

Sometimes it’s challenging to know what to wear to balance out a bottom-heavy figure.  Follow these 8 tips and you’ll not only balance out that figure but people will wonder what diet you’ve been on! 1. Balance Figure with Color, Fitted Pieces You can wear a fitted suit, even with a slim skirt, if you are […]

Style Expressed Unleashing Your Everyday Style


Style, as we are discovering, is not as easy as buying what’s on the mannequin!  Well, I guess it could be if it were your personal style, but for style to resonate and be authentic you must feel it…own it! Everyone has opportunities to show up stylish!  When working a stylish wardrobe 3 lifestyle looks […]

In Pursuit of Style-Part 2 – Lessons Learned

Style Youniversity

My daughter had her 23rd  birthday this past weekend.  I promised her that I would put a few of her baby photos on Facebook and OMG,  look what I found! Here I am with my two young children, their youngest brother wasn’t thought of….yet! I am exposing a pre-image consulting photo! ….before I KNEW better! […]

In Pursuit of Style-Part 1

Style YOUniversity

It was time…it had been 2 years since I had thoroughly cleaned my closet and I knew I was beginning to struggle with feeling good about getting dressed every day. I do understand that we all are in pursuit of a style that we can call our own. Two weeks ago, I woke up on […]

Ageless Style-5 Tips to Get It and Keep It!

Ageless Style

Style is something that we grow into.  Some get it early in life and others learn to create it. How can you keep your style going through out the many stages in life is something altogether different. Recently, I spoke to a group of students and adults attending  The Women’s Philanthropy Board meeting at Auburn […]