Fall Shoe Trends

Fall Footwear

Fall into Footwear Fall Shoe Trends range everywhere from flats to stilettos and wedges to loafers. With the end of summer imminent, life gets busier, the routine of the school year begins and so should Fall shopping.  It may seem backwards to buy your shoes before the rest of an ensemble, but often I like […]

On the Wedge of Fall


Fall Shoes Trends The  current drought across much of the United States probably is making you yearn for fall weather…Perhaps “thinking” about it will give you some relief from the sweltering heat?? I hope so because we are indeed on the edge of fall and with that, trends are starting to come out in magazines […]

What’s Hot and What’s NOT for Fall Trends 2011


It’s hardly summer, yet we’re already seeing what’s hot on the runway for fall trends.  Yes, it’s a continuation of what we’ve been seeing and more. There are a few trends, thankfully, we’re closing the door on and you’ll want to know what those are. Stay tuned and join me soon for the Fall 2011 […]

Shoe Trends Spring 2011

Shoe Trends

“Sofie” recently received a question about shoes and trends. “When are we going to be free from this heavy strap that wraps around your foot and cuts your legs off visually shoe/sandal style!?!!  We’ve been seeing it for what feels like 3 or 4 seasons now!” First of all, I wanted to congratulate her on […]

Speaking in Tongues – Your Shoes Are Talking

What do your shoes say about you?  Shoes are so much fun these days that you may forget they are speaking volumes about you! Here are some of my favorite new shoe trends for spring!  Have fun on the weekend but remember at work your number one goal at work is SUCCESS!! Think of your […]