4 Tips for Getting a Great Pair of Jeans


Want a Great Pair of Jeans? Getting a great pair of jeans is not always easy!  Jeans, they are a staple in almost every wardrobe in the country these days, but finding and getting a great pair sometimes is pretty difficult.  There are so many options. Do you try on what seems to be 100’s […]

White Jeans-Wear Them NOW-and Later


                    Last week I asked Lucy what she thought about all the white denim on the market now!  Here’s what she said! White jeans are essential to every woman’s wardrobe. They are chic, versatile, and can work with all body types. Though the classic bootcut is […]

8 Ways to Style Your White Shirt

Style YOUniversity

I have been putting the finishing touches on Accent on Accessories Webinar and had an epiphany.  We all have a white shirt, right?   We all have jeans, right? Well, do you STILL go to your closet and say “I have NOTHING to wear” only to go out and purchase yet another top or shirt? Never […]

Stepping Up to Style with Spring Trends

Spring Style

It’s time you stepped outside your comfort zone and stepped up to STYLE! Spring Trends are all about outerwear, denim and fresh flirty looks. I was reading an article about New York Fashion Week recently and a few points stuck out as reminders to staying in style and staying with trends.….Outerwear, Denim and Looking Youthful.  […]


Recently on one of my “webinar wednesday” events we discussed jeans and How to Get a Great Pair of Jeans.  You know it’s not just about getting the right style for your body.  You might get a great style and something still goes wrong. Particularly with jeans you MUST KNOW what goes into the production […]

Double Denim – Double Don’t!

Double Denim Double denim (all denim) looks have been creeping back into fashion pages for a few years now and lately I’ve been seeing print ads in magazines touting the look.  Is it “style” or the latest “trend”?  Is it a go or is it a “no-no”? It takes me back, way back and gives my […]

What’s an “Original” Hem?

Last week after buying a pair of jeans I decided that puddling on the floor just wouldn’t cut it.  I took the jeans to the dry cleaners to get a hem put in.  The gentleman asked me if I wanted the “original hem” put back in.  Of course I said “yes”. An original hem is […]

How to Find Jeans that Fit Your Body

Finding jeans that look good on your body can be difficult! Wouldn’t you agree? Study your body’s design pattern.  Most women should wear a lower rise jean style rather than the high waist-above the belly button style. A lower rise doesn’t necessarily mean real low! It just means a bit below the belly button! Jeans […]