Summer Makeup – Tips for Keeping it Fresh

Summer Make Up Tips

Summer Makeup Tips We’re just around the corner from the “dog days” of summer!  The problem with makeup in the summer is that it tends to melt. Added heat and humidity can send you to a wilted, limp and messy look by the end of the day. Try using these simple tips and you will find they help […]

Ready for Success? Wear Makeup


Successful Women Do Wear Makeup Recently, The New York Times Published a study confirming that yes, successful women know the importance of wearing makeup.  Do you agree? Even though the study wasn’t massive (only 25 participants photographed and tested) and 149 respondents, (about a 40% – 61 were male), the information was consistent. The most […]

Do You Have What it Takes to Keep Your Image Alive?

Open Book

I was listening to a speaker recently and heard something that made me think….He said, “Everyone has a story….what’s yours?” We all have chapters in our lives that help create our story and help develop the person we are today, tomorrow and always.  Sometimes we are telling our own story without opening our mouths simply […]

Get a Confident Image

Have you ever noticed how some women always look “put together” no matter how they are dressed?  It seems as if they can wear a bag over their head and still look fabulous! They even make getting dress seem effortless yet it eludes you!  You too can have a look that is pulled together. The […]

Smile Smarts-Whiten Your Teeth

Have you ever seen a horse lover examine a horse? They’ll have a good look at their teeth- pick up the lips and check out the teeth to see how healthy the animal is. Teeth tell the story of where the horse has been and how well they have been cared for. It’s really no […]

Graduations, Birthdays and Transitions – What Are You Waiting For?

I spoke with a gentleman who said something that really sparked my interest.  He said that it didn’t really matter what happened in our lives we all just wait to fix, clean up or change until a momentous event.  I have to agree that most of the time this is actually true. Think about it.  […]

5 Ways to Know If Your Style “Expired”?

Everything in life has a  shelf life-the time when it no longer tastes good, looks good or works for you.  Credit cards “expire” so why don’t we think that our clothes expire? When was the last time that you took a good hard look at your hair style or  the clothes in your closet? I […]

10 Simple Ways to Create a Better Image

A recent ForbesWoman Article stated that looks mattered more than brains when it comes to getting a promotion for women.  It seems as though we have taken a step back in time.  Does it really make a difference?  I say that the older you get the more it DOES make a difference.  Why?  You’ve heard […]

6 Crimes of Fashion

Everyone knows that fashion trends come and go.  The hardest part of style is knowing WHEN those trends become crimes of fashion! All new and updated are some fashion trends that are becoming passe.  Don’t make your passion for fashion become a crime of fashion!  Stay current and up to date! These are fashion blunders […]

Cheap is Expensive-Expensive is Cheap

Here is a question to ponder….How many pants do you have that look and feel really good on you?  For that matter, how many skirts, dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets or t-shirts look and feel great?  Are the colors good and does the style work for you? Now consider your shopping habits.  Do you shop only when there is […]