6 Shopping Tips for Your Fall Wardrobe Starting NOW!

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Diversify & Get a New Fall Wardrobe When considering your wardrobe it is important to THINK about how to create a unique look for yourself! I had an “ah-ha” moment this week.  You know, those hit you upside the head moments when you say “duh”! I was reading about corporate structure and how to create […]

4 Tips for Wearing Bright Colors

How to Wear Bold Colors

Bright Colors are hot trends today. Whether you are wearing coats and jackets or skirts and dresses, bright bold colors are stand out ways to amp up your look.  Maybe you are a fan of bright colors and feel comfortable wearing them.  Maybe you are a little afraid. These 4 tips with help you get […]

How to Wear a Color that Is Not Your Best Color

How to Wear Color

Can You Wear Just Any Color? Maybe you like color, any color, but not all color is your best color!  Color as it impacts your appearance matters most when it is placed closest to your face.  Try to always wear your very best color next to your face. These are definitely NOT my best color! […]

Color Me BLACK – Look Your Best When Wearing Black


Color has psychological (impression) and physical (expression) meaning.  When I ask what a “favorite” color is, very often the answer is BLACK. From the “LBD” to black pants and now with Spring Trends using it as a foundation color to ground everything vibrant, black never goes out of style.  Sometimes though, black  is a lazy, […]

Color – 4 Ways to Add the Color of the Year to Your Wardrobe

Tangerine Tango Color

The Color of the Year for 2012 is Tangerine Tango. Adjectives being used to describe this color are: bright, spirited, vivacious, appealing, sophisticated yet dramatic and seductive. How will YOU put this color into your wardrobe in 2012? Knowing how to put this color to use into your wardrobe so that it will reflect your […]

Jewel Tones The Season’s Hottest Colors and How to Wear Them


Jewel Tones to Brighten Your Look Jewel tones are easy ways to brighten up neutral colors, but do you know how to do it without looking like a clown?  You may feel that the bright intensity of a jewel tone is too much for you, but you can wear them!  This is a great dress […]

Seeing Red – Wearing Red

Red Lips

How do you look at color?  Do you “see” a color and know you can wear it? Today is certifiably the “reddest” day of the year.  Count the number of people that you see wearing it today and ask them why they wore it. Did you wear red today?  Maybe a version of it.  Do […]