What’s YOUR Style Personality

What’s YOUR Style Personality? Do you know what defines a style personality?  Can you pick which of these images might be who YOU are?  Your style personality is defined in the clothes you wear.  Sometimes we forget who we are and just ‘go for it’….buy what’s styled on the mannequin.  Then we don’t wear these […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Outfit

What Will YOU Wear on This Valentine’s Day? Whether you are going to work, staying at home or doing some relaxing on this Valentine’s Day, how about some RED to spice up your wardrobe today! In honor or in the spirit of love and all things beautiful, here are some fun ways to dress up […]

8 Ways to Flatter a Bottom-Heavy Figure

Sometimes it’s challenging to know what to wear to balance out a bottom-heavy figure.  Follow these 8 tips and you’ll not only balance out that figure but people will wonder what diet you’ve been on! 1. Balance Figure with Color, Fitted Pieces You can wear a fitted suit, even with a slim skirt, if you are […]

Getting YOUR Look-Getting YOUR Style

Getting YOUR Look-YOUR Style First lady of fashion, Eleanor Lambert once said “get your look and stick with it”. Having style is having a “look”. No truer words were ever said. Do you have a “look”. Or perhaps a better question might be do you have a “look” that you like or want to be […]

Fall Trends Down with Hemlines Up with Prices

Hemline Trends

Are you ready for your hemlines to go down? Arms too are getting covered again. Michelle Obama can stop exercising her biceps so much and many middle age women are yelling “hooray”! Fall trends show it’s happening. While hemlines are going down though, the price of goods to make your clothes is rising sharply.  It […]

Scents Matter

Recently, I decided to reward myself with a massage.  I was psyched.  I knew the spa owners and they were just opening their new facility. I arrived early to get a tour.  Opening the front door I began to relax as I smelled “spa”.  You know what I mean-the calming scents of eucalyptus, verbena and […]

See Style – Get Style

Sometimes what’s in your closet just feels boring and has no umph.  Sometimes you just can’t see the “forest through the trees” as they say.  Pieces have been hanging in there for so long you can no longer “see” the possibilities that it holds in an up to date look. For me this happens toward […]

Inspired Style-It’s Not Just The Dress

Who or what inspires you?  Are you inspired by a friend, relative, or co-worker?  Maybe you are inspired by an actor.  You might even be inspired by an activity, running, tennis or yoga for example.  Inspiration comes from many sources, but we are all inspired and motivated by something. Connecting with your source of inspiration […]

“Sensible” Ways to Build Your Wardrobe

One of the biggest and most inspiring challenges that I have as an image consultant is helping someone create their. unique wardrobe.  Style that is “uniquely” yours separates you from the competition and allows you to be yourself, feel confident and reach your goals. In order to discover your unique style, I need to “get […]

Cracks in the Closet

I love to walk and listen to my iPod while walking.  Sometimes I am inspired and motivated to write when I listen.  If you haven’t heard the singer Adele, the YouTube link here is what inspired my latest post!  It’s called Hometown Glory. Although I am certain she in NOT talking about fashion, I couldn’t […]