Denim on Denim – What’s Modern Now

Chambray Skirt

It’s baaaaack!  Yep, that’s right.  It’s chic to wear denim on denim right now. We’ve been seeing hints that this was happening over the last few seasons.  Now it’s a full on trend! Are you going there?  Should you try it if you’ve done it before?  Let’s talk!!! First, remember the rules about  wearing something […]

Burgundy or Bordeaux It’s The Hottest Fall COLOR Trend this Season

Burgundy Color Trend

Think that Red is not for you?  Think again! Burgundy is the Hottest Fall Color Trend for 2012.  Some call it Bordeaux others call it Oxblood Red,  but whatever you call it, it is  the “IT” Color to add to your wardrobe this fall! Consider it a “neutral” and use it for your core foundation pieces! […]

Accessory Trends Brooches are Hot

Brooch Guide

Try Clustered Brooches for Fall Brooches are the one accessory item for Fall 2012 to instantly add pizzazz to your jackets.  Have you “brooched” the subject for Fall 2012? Clustered in a group of three for a dramatic statement or worn singularly for a more conservative look, get your “style on” with this adornment. There […]

Navy Shoes Pumps, Flats and Wedges are HOT Fall Trends

Navy Suede Wedge

Get Your Navy Shoes NOW! Do you lament that you can’t find navy shoes?  Have you taken notice that NAVY, is the “new” black?  It’s  not just navy suits but navy shoes shoes are finally BACK in the market place?  Navy is one of the hardest shoes to find and it is also one of […]

Fall Shoe Trends

Fall Footwear

Fall into Footwear Fall Shoe Trends range everywhere from flats to stilettos and wedges to loafers. With the end of summer imminent, life gets busier, the routine of the school year begins and so should Fall shopping.  It may seem backwards to buy your shoes before the rest of an ensemble, but often I like […]

Boots and Booties – Top Fall Trends 2011

Boots to Booties – Fall Trends If you are not wearing boots or booties this fall season, you’re not ‘on trend’……Period! It doesn’t matter if you are wearing short skirts (just above the knee), leggings, skinny jeans, long prairie skirts, slacks or shorts…Yes, shorts, there is a boot or bootie that works and now is […]

Skirt Trends Mind Your Plaids and Prints


Skirt Trends – Plaids and Prints Skirt Trends have really stepped it up this fall…Yes, it’s the 70’s all over again. Not only are we seeing BIG, BOLD, Buffalo Plaids in the market, we’re also seeing tweeds, herringbone twill, stripes, tribal AND floral prints in skirts.  Can you wear them? Better question might be SHOULD […]

Fall 2011 Shoe Trends

Fall 2011 Shoe Trends by styleyouniversity featuring plaid pumps

Are You Trendy or On Trend?

Trendy or On Trend Do you know the difference between being trendy or on trend? This is a stimulating question for sure! I have had wonderful response to my special 3 Part-How to Shop Trends Segment. Thank you! One reader commented that she “didn’t shop trends”. This comment made me realize that sometimes we can […]

3 Part Special-How to Shop Trends

Do you know How To Shop Trends? Each and every season, the latest trends start to trickle into the market long before the “other” season is over. It’s an interlude that can prey on your emotions and cause you shopping mistakes! New items are teasing you in the market, on the new stand and even […]