Significance of Insignificant Details-Dress for Success

Style YOUniversity

You’ve heard it said before “the devil is in the details” and it’s true.  I received a call last week from someone in Human Resources bemoaning springtime. No, it wasn’t her allergies.  It seems as if the hotter the weather gets the more dress codes relax.  I do receive more calls about problems with dress […]

Zuckerberg, Anti-Fashion and Facebook

StyleYOUniversity Facebook Founder Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire and creator of FaceBook has spawned numerous conversations around the water cooler lately and it’s not about Facebook.  It’s about his “anti-fashion” movement. Recently, I wrote an article about “Business Casual” being dead…There seems to be a conflict of opinion here!  How can on the one had business casual be dead and […]

Boobs in Business Don’t Show your Brains

Cleavage in Business

Sorry ladies, they don’t!  At the risk of sounding like a prude I have proof! In the movies it’s one thing…Here Julia Roberts portrays a strong willed woman trying to set right many wrongs in the movie Erin Brockovich…Yes, she was successful and Julia was GREAT in this movie, but read what the results of […]

Don’t Get Mad-Go Neutral This Fall

Fall will soon be here and with it comes a host of “new” trends.  This fall we will see a continuation of conservative looks in fabrics and coloration.  What trumps the runways in my opinion this fall are the trends towards neutral core pieces. Safe is the word.  Now is the time to begin building […]

Wardrobe Creation – Plan and Commit

Reflecting on the events I have attended over the past several weeks reminds me the importance planning and commitment play in our success.  I participated in both High School and College graduations in addition to formal Courts of Honor where  the Boy Scouts highest achievement, the Eagle Award honored 4 young men. You don’t get […]

Graduations, Birthdays and Transitions – What Are You Waiting For?

I spoke with a gentleman who said something that really sparked my interest.  He said that it didn’t really matter what happened in our lives we all just wait to fix, clean up or change until a momentous event.  I have to agree that most of the time this is actually true. Think about it.  […]

Double Denim – Double Don’t!

Double Denim Double denim (all denim) looks have been creeping back into fashion pages for a few years now and lately I’ve been seeing print ads in magazines touting the look.  Is it “style” or the latest “trend”?  Is it a go or is it a “no-no”? It takes me back, way back and gives my […]

Speaking in Tongues – Your Shoes Are Talking

What do your shoes say about you?  Shoes are so much fun these days that you may forget they are speaking volumes about you! Here are some of my favorite new shoe trends for spring!  Have fun on the weekend but remember at work your number one goal at work is SUCCESS!! Think of your […]

“Sensible” Ways to Build Your Wardrobe

One of the biggest and most inspiring challenges that I have as an image consultant is helping someone create their. unique wardrobe.  Style that is “uniquely” yours separates you from the competition and allows you to be yourself, feel confident and reach your goals. In order to discover your unique style, I need to “get […]

Cracks in the Closet

I love to walk and listen to my iPod while walking.  Sometimes I am inspired and motivated to write when I listen.  If you haven’t heard the singer Adele, the YouTube link here is what inspired my latest post!  It’s called Hometown Glory. Although I am certain she in NOT talking about fashion, I couldn’t […]