Susan Boyle Makeover – Perfection!

O.k, it has been a few weeks now since we have heard about the British phenomenon singing sensation Susan Boyle.  Many have piped in about her potential makeover and I have to confess  as I was watching her YouTube Video online I too was secretly wishing I could make some changes to her appearance.

I couldn’t quite get past the conflicting images that I was seeing with her lace dress,  furry eyebrows, and soft wavy hair.  I wanted to change something, but honestly not much.  I am a huge proponent of staying true to your style personality.  Thus the conflict.  I couldn’t decide just  by looking at her who she really was.

Was she ‘feminine and romantic’ (lace dress), or was she sporty(no makeup, no fuss hair style)?   There were several “options” presented with different hairstyles, but to me they just made her look like someone else, not the sporty person I was seeing.

What I saw was person with a passion and love of the arts.  Someone who was more interested in singing than anything else.  Clothing for her was simply a covering for her body and didn’t represent who she really was.  Everyone (audience to judges) discounted her talent based on her physical appearance.  If this isn’t an example of the power of first impressions NOTHING is!

I saw a gamine face.  The judges even called her “cheeky“.  Did you see how she swiveled her hips in a playful, funway?  Did you notice how she marched off the stage in a determined way?  This lady is about FUN.  Her natural, outdoorsy look, was represented in her free, uncoiffed hairstyle.

I go on record saying that I LOVE her makeover.  She appears fun, vibrant, current for her style personality, and all together comfortable with her new look.  The leather is hip not stuffy, her hair is still easy with some simple style and her eyebrows trimmed show off her pretty brown eyes.


Posted by: Karen Hughes, Founder of Image Assets, an Image Consulting Firm serving the Alpharetta and Metro Atlanta areas. As a seasoned certified image consultant, Karen follows a simple philosophy: educate, empower, and enrich the lives of her clients. Her philosophy is enmeshed throughout her practice and can be observed in her workshops, clinics, and one-on-one consultations. Her energetic and interactive style makes her a sought-after training resource for organizations and individuals alike. Even the most difficult topics seem effortless for Karen as she tackles such challenges as professional etiquette, business dress personal image and body shape.


  1. what kind of handbag did she have?

  2. Elongated smooth leather envelope shoulder strap bag.

  3. Susan Boyle was my bet on Britains Got Talent. She has a very beautiful voice. Unfortunately, she got dropped.

  4. I still think she’ll make a go of it and actually do quite well. In the long run, probably best for her. Saw her again the other night and she was just a beautivul!

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