Adapt YOUR Wardrobe to the Seasons Latest Trends

Wedge Bootie

How Can You Adapt Your Wardrobe to the Latest Seasonal Trends? This week, I’m bringing back a Style Tip of the week. (It’ll be the Style Tip of the Month though) Do you know how to adapt your wardrobe to the latest trends? No matter if you are working on a new color, style or […]

The Best Outerwear For Women

Fur Trimmed Peacoat

What Style is the Best Style in Outwear for Women?  Is it a peacoat?  Is it a double breasted jacket?  Maybe it’s a simple straight coat? It’s getting to be coat season do you know what the best outwear jacket is for you?  If you are in the market for a new overcoat or outerwear […]

The Best White Shirt For Women

Paul McDonald American Idol White Teeth

Everyone NEEDS White in their closet, but what is the best white shirt for women?? Your Best White Shirt may not always be in season or on trend, so focusing on finding the best one is key to a great wardrobe companion. Today’s StyleTIP of the week shares ways for you to focus on the […]

6 Must Have Jackets for Women in Your Wardrobe

Tory Burch Classic Jacket

It’s fall and we’re breaking out the jackets! In this StyleTip of the Week, I share with you the 6 Must Have Jackets for Women in EVERY Wardrobe! Women often ask me how to build a wardrobe and it all starts with having the right pieces for the right events for your lifestyle. Starting with […]

5 Shoes that MUST Be In Your Wardrobe

Classic Heeled Loafer

Get these 5 Shoes In Your Wardrobe   Do you know what shoes MUST be in your wardrobe to make it easy for you to get dressed everyday?  These are 5 easy shoes you must have in your wardrobe BEFORE you go and by the trendy shoes this season!      

Cardigans and Sweater Sets Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Cardigan Stack

Do you have a sweater set?  Are you thinking they are “old lady” ?  If you are, I encourage you to reset your thinking and begin to see a sweater set in a new light. Sweater Sets are Great Wardrobe Additions Fall is the perfect time to add a great sweater set.  In this style […]

Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

White Shoes After Labor Day

Is Wearing White Right After Labor Day? It’s a question that gets asked every year.  “Can I wear white after Labor Day?” Used to be that we took our dress codes from the seasons and white wasn’t worn before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  Times change, styles and trends change and one of the […]

Long Waisted Style Tips to Balance Your Body

Long Waist Long Body

Do you consider yourself “Long Waisted”?  Is your waist lower on your body?  So low that you feel you almost have no legs when you look in the mirror?  There are easy things that you can do to make your waist appear more in proportion to your overall body. Balancing your overall body’s proportion is […]

Short Waisted Style Tips

Short Waist

Are you Short Waisted?  Does your waist sit right underneath your bust line?  When you wear a trench coat or shirt waist dress, is the belt ALWAYS in the wrong place?  If it is, then YOU have a waist that sits “high” on your upper torso.  You have a short waist. In this Style Tip […]

4 Tips for Getting a Great Pair of Jeans


Want a Great Pair of Jeans? Getting a great pair of jeans is not always easy!  Jeans, they are a staple in almost every wardrobe in the country these days, but finding and getting a great pair sometimes is pretty difficult.  There are so many options. Do you try on what seems to be 100’s […]