Long Hairstyles – Are They Appropriate on Older Women

Christina AguileraYou hear it all the time…a woman who is beyond 40 shouldn’t wear her hair long.  Well, times have changed and that’s not always the case now.  Women are staging comebacks and wearing their hair in many different styles that include long, medium and short lengths.

It’s not just about the LENGTH of your hair, is it!?  It’s about the style too! There are other tips you should be aware of if you are wearing your hair long and over 40!

Do you know HOW to wear your hair long?  This Style Tip of the Week share tips to watch for if you are someone who wants to wear your hair longer and still look current and up to date.






  1. Thanks Katy! Yes, one of the advantages of having long hair is that it doesn’t need cutting every 6-8 weeks. Sometimes it makes it too easy to fall out of routine of getting a haircut. You are so right! Great comment!

  2. Great tips for those of us who still want to keep our hair long WAY after 40! Thanks, Karen!

  3. Hi Pam! Thanks so much for your comments! Yes, having longer hair after 40 (even 50) can be stylish and chic! Good luck!

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