Spring Trends – Feminine Fabrics – Lace

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Fabrics for Spring this year range from sturdy menswear to soft delicate feminine lace.

Lace Applications:

We’ve seen lace before, but it’s only been in touches, just at the neckline or peeking below a hemline.  Lace this season is being used as an overlay in camisoles, woven into skirts and tonally imprinted onto fabrics….not truly lace at all.

Is Lace Work Appropriate?

This is a delicate subject (no pun intended!).  Historically, lace has always been used in women’s lingerie apparel.  It is suggestive of the bedroom and undergarments making women feel feminine and sexy.  Now, having said that, you can wear lace to work. Wear  lace in the right garments and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your work environment corporate or creative?
  • What is your role in the company?
  • Do you work with customers?
  • How do you interact with other staff members?

The point is to remember that you do not want your lace garment to become more important that the message you are delivering. This is true no matter what you are wearing! If your garment, lace or not, becomes the message, your significance and ultimately importance in the company may be diminished.

Lace at work is a ‘delicate’ choice, so if you choose to wear it, my recommendation is to wear it in a shell or camisole only and keep your jacket or sweater on!  It’s a great look for the weekend with your jeans or date night! Keep it special and add lace sparingly this season.  Doing so ensures you will still make an impact and:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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