Clearance Time – How to Shop a Sale


The Holiday season is over and you are seeing sale signs everywhere. Your heart is beginning to palpitate. YOU MUST go shopping, right? It’s a sale….there must be something you have to have? Not so fast…Before you run and scour the sales, do me a favor and check out this top 10 list. Make sure […]

Summer Sales – 7 Wardrobe Tips for Shopping The End of Season Summer Sales

Summer Sales

Summer sales are on.  If you haven’t succumbed to the summer sale yet, you will soon!  The summer season is coming to a close and sales abound.  I know, you want to go out and fill your basket with great finds that you can be proud you only spent $10, $20 or any amount under […]

Anatomy of a Purchase – Buying Behavior – Emotional Purchase or Need

Hurom Juicer

Have you ever gone to the store specifically to purchase 1 thing and come home with something totally different?  I did just that recently.  What may at first appear to be a random emotional purchase isn’t really.  Our buying behavior can be analyzed quite easily if you just track back to what made it happen. […]

Smart Shopping-Smart Choices = A Savvy Wardrobe

Emotional Shopper

Get a No Stress Wardrobe Shopping…I have a friend who likes to “shop”.   She likes to see what she can find to buy.  I know she’s doing it because she’ll send me pictures asking what I think. Choices, shopping, decisions…I know how difficult shopping can be.  It’s frustrating not finding what you are looking […]

JCPenney – Changing the Face of Retail


Bringing the Joy Back to Shopping I believe that the face of retail is changing.  I do….it’s going to be hard but I believe that the only way for retail to survive is to STOP with the “couponing”…. I hate coupons, but perhaps it’s because I never seem to have the right one in my […]

Von Maur – “Our Only Interest Is YOU”

Von Maur – “Our Only Interest Is YOU” Von Maur marked entry into the southeast in November of 2011. It has been a long time since we have experience the attention to detail that a specialty store can bring.  I am excited to see what it might signal in retail Von Maur is a mid-west […]

Impulsive Style-Is it Yours?

Impulsive Shopping

Have you ever walked into a store knowing you wanted, even needed something and 4 hours later walked out with a mixture of delight and trepidation, bags in hand?  You are delighted because you have fulfilled the need to buy something new.  You are fearful because now you don’t really know what to do with […]

Back to Basics

Accent Colors

Last week I shopped with my older sister.  You could say that we are a complement of each others gifts and talents because we are polar opposites. Although she, like most of us likes to look nice, she has more confidence getting dressed when someone else will show her how to put outfits together.  So […]

5 Ways to Eliminate Returns!

I really hate returns, well, I take that back.  The only returns I  like are on my investments and those are few and far between these days!  But seriously, I abhor returning items to a store.  It is a waste of time and money.  Here are 5 easy ways to eliminate or at the very […]

How to Be a Frugalista

Have you noticed when you shop lately that you have more trepidation and are somewhat guilty not if you purchase something, but whenever you buy anything these days?  We’ve become so painfully aware of the financial woes of seemingly everyone that even when we go to the grocery store, there are glum faces.  Whalt’s a shopper […]