Getting Snakey with The Cobra Society

The Cobra Society Collection

The Cobra Society is a lifestyle brand.  I was made aware of this relatively new label a couple of months ago.  You know I love shoes so I decided to see what it was all about! The brand was the brain child of 27 year old designer Alexandra Davis.  What has fascinated me with these […]

Saint Crispin – The Patron Saint of Shoes

Christian Louboutin

October 25th is Saint Crispin Day If you have followed me for a while or have seen my pin on Pinterest, you KNOW how I love shoes! Well, did you know there was a Patron Saint of Shoes?  There is! It is Saint Crispin. and October 25th is Saint Crispin Day. There are two stories […]

Falling Back on Point – Fall Shoe Trends 2013

#ShoeTrends Fall 2013

Fall Shoe Trends After a recent closet audit, my client decided that she really didn’t “NEED” to have a lot of new clothes!  That was great news to her…Then I suggested that perhaps this season might be the time to get her SHOE Wardrobe in order! Most of us can’t do everything all at once […]

Happy 35th Birthday Vara Flats by Ferragamo

Vara Ferragamo Flats

Ferragamo’s Vara Flat  The Vara Flat by Ferragamo was actually an accident!  It’s hard to believe that this iconic flat has been around for 35 years, but it has.  It’s hallmark grosgrain ribbon was actually a prototype that was to later be changed into leather!  The first batch went into production and the rest is […]

Start Styling With Your Shoes

Leopard Print Slipper

Select Your Shoes First Last week I went on a walk and decided that I would start at the end.  I began my walk backwards.  Through the hills and loops that I usually ended up walking came first.  Not only was it more challenging, at the end I felt that I had a more successful, […]

Navy Shoes Pumps, Flats and Wedges are HOT Fall Trends

Navy Suede Wedge

Get Your Navy Shoes NOW! Do you lament that you can’t find navy shoes?  Have you taken notice that NAVY, is the “new” black?  It’s  not just navy suits but navy shoes shoes are finally BACK in the market place?  Navy is one of the hardest shoes to find and it is also one of […]

Fall Shoe Trends

Fall Footwear

Fall into Footwear Fall Shoe Trends range everywhere from flats to stilettos and wedges to loafers. With the end of summer imminent, life gets busier, the routine of the school year begins and so should Fall shopping.  It may seem backwards to buy your shoes before the rest of an ensemble, but often I like […]

Who is Designer Christian Louboutin

Beaded Christian Louboutin

I love shoes.  What woman doesn’t love shoes? Sadly, I don’t own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes….You may not recognize this photo as being Christian Louboutin, but I bet you’d recognize his shoes. The soles of his shoes are red! The signature red sole has made him a household name among fashion savvy shoe […]

TOD’s Shoes -The Italian Stallion of Shoes

Tod's Shoes-St

TOD’s Shoes Tod’s is the Italian Leather goods house originally known for it’s shoes. The heart of the company still remains 70 years later. Tod’s began as a small family owned and operated shoe company in 1940. Dedicated to true craftsmanship, their shoes still go through a 100 step process in production. When you wonder […]

“Fabulitis” – Sole Therapy For Hurting Feet


Last week I talked about how to build a shoe wardrobe that sustains the trends. I have a confession to make…I have fallen prey to the trends and have added some beautiful platform pumps to my wardrobe. By the end of the day….BOY MY FEET HURT! In a recent Lucky Magazine I noticed an ad […]