Serendipity, Synchronicity, Coincidence or Plain Luck?

 In the 1960’s life was all about free love, peace and all things serendipitous.  In the early 2000’s life was about synchronicity with Purpose Driven Life, The Law of Attraction and Vision Boards.  Even before this Norman Vincent Peale published a book on positive thinking (1952) The Power of Positive ThinkingIs it coincidence or just plain luck that when we focus on what we love and give back to the world, the world in turn is responsive and gives back to us? 

I use to say my brother was “lucky”.  It seemed as if he was born with an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time.  My mother use to say “you make luck happen”.  I didn’t understand this until I was older and began setting goals for myself.   Do you know anyone who you’ve said is “lucky”?  Maybe they aren’t really lucky but more perceptive  and simply move to action more quickly.

What kind of person do you consider yourself to be?  Do you find that your life is “in sync” right now?  I wrote about balance earlier in the year.   When things are in balance, we don’t feel resistance, we’re happy with the way things are.  Change is forced when our life is out of sync – off balance.  Think of the beautiful results that occur in an oyster from the constant abrasion.

How is your job going?  Are you where you want to be in your career or just floating along?  What impact are you making with your first impressions? Are your first impressions opening doors for you? 

Most image consultants get calls from individuals and companies when something is NOT working.  Don’t wait for your life to get out of sync to force you to change.  Embrace making small steps to create synchronicity!  Step it up and make room for your success!  

Posted by: Karen Hughes, Founder of Image Assets, an Image Consulting Firm serving the Alpharetta and Metro Atlanta areas. As a seasoned certified image consultant, Karen follows a simple philosophy: educate, empower, and enrich the lives of her clients. Her philosophy is enmeshed throughout her practice and can be observed in her workshops, clinics, and one-on-one consultations. Her energetic and interactive style makes her a sought-after training resource for organizations and individuals alike. Even the most difficult topics seem effortless for Karen as she tackles such challenges as professional etiquette, business dress personal image and body shape


  1. Is it possible that little of both is involved? Do serendipity and synchronicity both have their place? Do they in fact feed off of each other to a degree. Neither one seems to put “luck” as the key.

  2. I absolutely agree! Serendipity or synchronicity, whatever your preference, I do not believe in coincidence or luck. I believe that when you focus on the right things, positive things, there is a certain energy that is undeniable. It is palpable and other notice that energy and want to be a part of it. Can’t help it. Capture the energy and you are able to do many things. I believe that it ebbs and flows with great highs where lots of movement occurs (that’s the change) and then it comes more into balance. Nuture it and it can keep you moving forward.

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