Real Men Wear Kilts

Men Wearing Skirts & Kilts?

Prince Charlie KiltMen in Kilts. Men in Skirts and women in pants…What’s up with that?  The more women gain personal strength and power, it seems the more they are trying to dress like men.

It’s the revival of the 80’s.  In the 80’s though, men were still men.  Men still dressed like men and looked like men.

A lot has changed since then.  Remember the book Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche? It was a tongue in cheek book about what “real” men eat and don’t eat, should or shouldn’t do to be manly.

Much has changed in 30 years!  Real men stay at home with their children, real men cook in the kitchen, real men are real people doing some of the same things that women do.

So why can’t a REAL man wear a skirt?  For years women have “borrowed” the androgynous look and worn what men wear.  Don’t you think it’s about time guys can borrow a little trend from their ‘fearless’ counterparts?

One of the hottest trends this fall is in menswear. Traditional menswear fabrics such as plaids and tweeds are making a comeback.

Menswear styles in everything from brogues and tweeds to “boyfriend” jackets and full-wide leg trousers are on the runway and in the streets.

Marc Jacobs DressDesigner Marc Jacobs has begun to use kilts and skirts as part of his new signature look.  Recently, I even saw him show up in a dress.  I’m not sure that THIS is his best look but skirts have increasingly become part of his new signature style.

Real Men Wear Skirts-How to Buy and Wear a Kilt

  • Research your family history. Choose a fabric that represents your family. When in doubt, start with a tartan!
  • Get some brogues
  • Wear knee-high socks and garters
  • Buy a sporran (fur bag)
  • Choose either a jacket and vest that works well with the kilt or wear a turtleneck that gives the same vibe

If it is your first time adopting a skirt or kilt, have fun with it.  If you are a bit tentative, make sure you keep it traditional and take the look all the way. There will be kilts in the market this year, and if you are serious about adopting the trend go to the source!  I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to your next interview, but a kilt can be a fun new addition to your wardrobe!  Here are a couple great online sources to get you started. and are places to start.


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