Permission Granted-Use it or Lose It

How many of you have a closet packed full of clothes that you don’t wear or are waiting to fit back into?  (I admit, I have a few…but only a few).

Lately, I’ve been diligently trying to go through the things in my closet, assessing their value to me on my body as well as in my wardrobe.  If whatever I am questioning doesn’t fall into these three categories:

  • Fit’s my body
  • Feels good when I put it on
  • Flatters me in every way possible (color as well as style)

I pull it out and “think” about it some more.  This “thinking” involved these questions:

  • If it fits my body, do I like the fabric and does the fabric (texture, color, pattern, etc) really flatter my figure?
  • If  the fabric is good, does it just need a little altering to make it look “killer” on me?
  • Study the style, especially in slacks and skirts.  This is the hardest part for me to fit.  What is it that makes my favorite pair of pants work? Why do some work and others don’t?

A side zip pant is a better style for my body.  Every time I try a different style I try desperately to alter them to make them work.  You see, style does really matter.

It matters because where ever your fit issues are, THAT is where you will call attention to when your clothes don’t fit!  When things don’t fit, you’ll try to hide behind your clothes. Who wants to hide behind clothes anyway?

Even though I laughingly say, clothes hide a multitude of sins, I don’t want to hide my body.  Clothes should fit, flatter and feel good on. If they don’t you don’t feel good. You are not flattered and you spend the day waiting to get home to remove what doesn’t fit!

So, if the clothes in your closet don’t fit, flatter or feel good, I hereby grant you permission to loose it and give it away!

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”


  1. Bonnie McManus says:

    Amen Karen . . . I have also been tryingreally hard to evaluate what is in my closet. This is certainly a “process” . . . and does not come easily. I have been finding that some pieces just need a lttle alteration (I am petite so finding something off the rack is not always easy) to make them feel good on. I agree with you if they don’t feel good . . . you won’t feel good in them and probably won’t wear them. So, I have found a good tailor to help me tweek things so that they do feel good. It has helped to bring some pieces back into the mix.

  2. Ah, yes, Bonnie! I’ve been missing you! Thanks for your reply and I am glad to hear that you have found a good tailor. They are a girls best friend!

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