Nordstrom’s New Geranimals – 3 Reasons Why It Won’t Work

NStyle YOUniversity.comordstrom’s is testing a new way of merchandising here at their Flagship Store in Atlanta.  It looks like “Geranimals” (color by color)

Recently, I went into the store to see what was new and shop for a client.  I couldn’t figure out where to look for what I was looking for.

Some of you might be drawn to “color”.  I am but I find it interesting that Nordstrom is testing this type of marketing.

Nordstrom has placed all of their price points(with the exception of their very high end)  in a “color-way”. Let me explain.

You want to find a new green shirt.  Great, just go into the store and go to the color.  The only problem with this type of merchandising is that most women tend to be label specific and go right to “their” area of the store for their garment.  This muddles things up for them.

As a matter of fact, I recently had a client who called me to complain about it.  While she was at the counter asking where the label she was looking for was, 2 other women came up to complain.

The manager simply said, “you’ll get use to it”. Hmmmm, not exactly the “Nordstrom way of doing business”. First I wonder what “genius” decided this was a better way to merchandise their product and second, I wonder when they are going to change it back.

Here are 3 Major Reasons Why It Won’t Work:

  1. Women know their brands and want to shop for color and styles with in their brands NOT the other way around
  2. This type of merchandising works well in a lower retail market Wal-Mart and Target because that’s the way you shop there, but NOT in a market that caters to the middle to upscale market.
  3. Color Merchandising is a “Boutique” specific way to merchandise.  They can do it because boutiques tend to be smaller and already have their target market audience.

While I applaud Nordstrom for being creative and trying ways to merchandise, I think in doing so they have diluted their brand image for quality and a higher level customer service….Unless, of course, they are trying to drive business to their personal shoppers.

I doubt seriously though this will happen….Women who buy upscale, pricier garments want to feel that they are in a pricier area of the store and don’t want to necessarily shop in the “brass plum” labels.

The bottom line is to increase sales, grow profits, develop relationships.  Change is always difficult, but My bet is that this merchandising method will not fly….

You’ve heard what I have to say….What about you?  Do you like shopping this way?  Think about it next time you go into a major big-box retailer and pay attention to what you see and how you shop.  I’d be interested to know.

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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