Long Waisted Style Tips to Balance Your Body

Long Waist Long BodyDo you consider yourself “Long Waisted”?  Is your waist lower on your body?  So low that you feel you almost have no legs when you look in the mirror?  There are easy things that you can do to make your waist appear more in proportion to your overall body.

Balancing your overall body’s proportion is all about knowing where to end your waist lines, hemlines and tops!  It’s important that you know NOT to wear a LOW Rise Pant!  Yes, that’s right, those popular low rise pants are not your best style!  They’ll even make your legs look shorter than they really are.  This and other style tips shared in this video help you understand how to get your best look if you are long waisted!

There are great ways to BRING that waist up to be more in proportion to the rest of your body with accessories, pants and the tops that you wear, but you must know what! It’s easy and simple.

Long or Low Waisted  Style Tips



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