Jewel Tones The Season’s Hottest Colors and How to Wear Them

Jewel Tones to Brighten Your Look

Express-Dress-StyleYOUniversity.comJewel tones are easy ways to brighten up neutral colors, but do you know how to do it without looking like a clown?  You may feel that the bright intensity of a jewel tone is too much for you, but you can wear them!  This is a great dress by Express and shows how fun a jewel tone dress can be especially at the holidays. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be comfortable, colorful and chic everytime.

Choose 1 Area to Focus On

Style trends today encourage a mix and match wardrobe.  You can update your look by making sure you don’t wear a column of all the same color. Wear jewel tones on the top or wear them on the bottom. Just don’t wear it all together.

 Make a Statement

Wear your pop of jewel tones as a shoe or other accessory item. This is especially important if you are color shy or adverse to wearing pops of color near your face.  Try a statement belt, stack a few bracelets or even a scarf. Statement necklaces are all the rage right now and can be a dramatic way to draw attention to your face.  Just remember the reason they are called ‘statements’ is because they DO draw attention.  Jewel tones are powerful statements so if you are wearing them, let them speak and keep everything else simple.

Color Matters

Wearing the right color does matter. All color not just jewel tones impacts your skin tone. But color only matters above the waist because that is where it is nearest your face.  When choosing your jewel tone, make sure that you stay within the color family that is best for you. Wearing the right colors near your face can make you look younger and more vibrant so don’t shy away from a great color if it looks good on you!

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the key to looking effortlessly put together.  Think in terms of ‘core-accent-accessory’.  If you want to wear patterns, that is your statement piece.  Keep your accessories simple.  Wear darker shades where you are heavier because dark colors appear to recede.  Pairing dark colors with lighter or brighter jewel tone colors where you are smaller balances our your proportion and gives you the illusion of a perfect shape!  This is the most important aspect of staying stylish as you age too.  Wearing too much pattern or over the top color everywhere can make you look clownish and it never works to keeping a youthful appearance.

Good Taste is Always in Style

The bottom line is ‘good taste is always in style’.  Remember that just because you used to wear it doesn’t mean that you should wear it now.  If you have to ask yourself “does this look good”, that might be your first indication that maybe it doesn’t.    Take it from bottom to top and remember if you look good, you’ll feel good and your confidence shows!

“Look Good, Feel Good, Have FUN Doing It!”


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