Image Consultant Services

It’s  about “possibilities” …

It’s about sharing the joy of discovering who you really are!

It’s about being that person both inside and out.

Are you ready to discover or re-discover who you are?  Style is a journey that can begin in many ways.

Located in the Southeastern United States, I  work primarily with women who live in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

The introduction of Skype has allowed me to expand my support to regions outside Atlanta offering greater impact.

Streamlining my services there are 3 easy ways to begin journey.

Color Analysis    –  Virtual Style Support  –  Wardrobe Support

Color Analysis is one of the easiest and most effective ways to begin to impact your appearance! Having performed well over 300 color analysis in less than 8 years, I know the impact that color has on the success of your wardrobe!

I work with a concept commonly known in the industry as the 12 -Tone Color System by SciArt.  SciArt was the creation of talented artist Kathryn Kalisz.  I was fortunate to learn from the master before her untimely death in 2010.

Color isn’t just about “draping”, it’s also about understanding how to “see” color.  When you work with me I teach you how to SEE color.  The process is a 2 hour experience and includes a make up session that will leave you looking and feeling 10 years younger!

Virtual Support
Instant messaging and the ability to send pictures in an instant, makes virtual support is a natural!  Over the past several years, more and more people are shopping online to find the right pieces to put into their wardrobe.  I work virtually with clients streamlining shopping choices whether it is for a specific event, to fill in the holes, or update your current wardrobe to the seasons trends.

Once we have worked through your virtual coaching worksheets, it becomes a simple way to support your seasonal wardrobe needs based on what we have assessed is missing from your wardrobe, your budget and style personality.

Wardrobe Support. Do you feel as if you have a closet full of clothes yet have nothing to wear?  Perhaps you need to “Shop Your Closet”.  This is an opportunity for you to see what is in your closet and in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it Work”!

Working in the current season with you, we’ll take what you have in your closet and create a little “magic” Sometimes another pair of eyes is all you need to “make it work”!

Then again….you might actually be missing some key items!  I’ll assess what you have and we’ll make a list of what’s missing.

Not Sure What You Need?

I offer a FREE 20-Minute Style Session

Let’s talk.   Let’s create a special service just for you.  Call or email to schedule your personal  20 minute style session.  We’ll talk about you!  What your needs are and determine whether one of these programs are right for you or create your own.