How to Wear Summer’s Hottest Trend a Graphic Print

One of summer’s hottest trends is a  graphic print.  If you’ve been wondering whether they will work for you, YES you can!  Yes, a print can be tricky, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t wear them.

There are two things you MUST know to make them work for you and that is:  KNOW  your Shape and  KNOW  Where to put the print on your body.

These 4 SHAPE Suggestions will help!

Style YOUniversity If you have a Triangle Shaped body: Wear your graphic print on the top.  Prints on the bottom will be too much.  A slim shirt in a loud pattern will balance out your wide hips and narrow top.



Style YOUniversityIf you have a Circle or Diamond Shaped body: Wear your graphic print on the bottom.  Find a skirt or shorts in a bold print to balance out your top heavy figure and don’t forget to Show Off Your LEGS!



Style YOUniversityIf you have an Hourglass Shaped body: Choose graphic print that have a dense pattern (one that is tight and close together) in a shaped pencil to show off your curves.  Don’t hide under full or pleated skirts.



Style YOUniversityIf you have a Straight Shaped body: Choose a bright graphic print.  A boyish figure looks great in a dress that has fit and flare.  Find one that will add dimension to you body and don’t wear anything that simply hangs straight or is without any shaping detail at all.


Follow these fun, easy tips next time you are looking for a pattern, regardless of whether it is a trendy graphic print, floral or print of any kind and you will achieve balance.  You’ll always:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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