How to Tie Scarves – I’m Knot Kidding!

ScarfHow many scarves to you own?  Seriously?  I have probably over 100!  I love scarves. They can take an everyday outfit and push it to date night!

Scarves have the ability to update your wardrobe in a heartbeat, but many of us stress over how to tie them.  I’ve had fun the last few years teaching scarf tying techniques at my StyleCAMP Workshops.

It’s really nice when you can practice in front of someone.  It helps to watch others and learn how they tie their favorite scarf!

Earlier this year, I happened upon this great scarf site yesterday and thought “geesh, I should have thought about that!”

I didn’t, but they did and it is a GREAT place to find scarves, learn how to tie a scarf and browse one of the easiest accessories to have and use….A Scarf!

We all have our personal favorites, from square to oblong to some that are retro and small to those that can be worn as blankets.  No matter what your preference, you’ll have fun learning and browsing this site.

Be sure to also check out the section on how to care for your scarf too!

How many do you have in your inventory?  These are great tutorials and, “can teach you how to tie a scarf”.

Go ahead and bookmark this page!. is a great site to learn and buy but remember  the biggest thing about tying a scarf is to just DO IT. Sometimes just tossing it effortlessly around your neck, wrist, waist or handbag is the chicest thing to do.

With that said, this way to tie an oblong scarf is my favorite scarf tying episode


See all the ways to tie a scarf here.  Better yet, check out the great scarves they have online.  No, I haven’t bought one from there …..yet!  I’ve just been consuming all the videos and working with the scarves I currently own.

Come next season, I’m going to start here with the best scarves for my wardrobe!

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