How to Build a Core Wardrobe

ClosetRegardless of whether or not the economy is booming, many people continue to struggle getting a wardrobe together. It really is easy to create a great wardrobe without spending more money! In fact, with as few as 9 pieces in your wardrobe you can create 20 outfits.

It’s all about choosing the right core pieces and an added side benefit is that it is a great way to stretch your budget dollars.  You’ll find yourself confident in your clothing knowing you are appropriately dressed for all occasions.   The most versatile core wardrobe begins with the following items:

  1. Two suits in your best neutral shade (solid) (4 pieces)
  2. Matching blouses (these can be patterned or solid) (2 pieces)
  3. Jacket or cardigan in black or navy (1 piece)
  4. Skirt or slacks in black or navy (1 piece)
  5. Blouse in white or cream (your best color) (1 piece)

With these 9 pieces you can mix and match 20 outfits!  Build your core as your budget allows and keep in mind your goal.   You don’t have to have the core all at once!

The key to a confident core and making it work is to focus on solid colors and year round fabrics such as worsted wool, crepe, rayon & rayon blends, wool gabardine and cotton.  This minimizes your costs and adds greater versatility to your closet.  Once you have achieved success in your core, don’t forget to split them up so you can see the potential that is there!  You will find that all of your pieces will mix and match beautifully and you will always:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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