Hair-dentity-Lessons in a New Hairstyle

Why are we so tied to our hair?  Hair is such a part of our personality, our self esteem, how we identify ourselves.  Remember the “blue-haired” lady?  It is often times one of the ways that people describe someone.  Think about it, when meeting someone new and trying to describe that person to another we often say, blond hair, black or brown, short or long, curly or straight.  Why?

Several months ago I blogged about my own “journey” to a new hairstyle.  I have had my hair short for most of my adult life and decided to try a new hairstyle.  Yesterday I succumbed to the scissors and cut it all off again.  So I ask  myself two questions:

  1. Why did I go through the hassles of growing my locks only to cut it off ?
  2. What was the final straw that made me decide that enough was enough?

First of all I think the fact that I do like change (I am a “Gemini”!) played a significant role in my decision to grow my hair.  I had not seen any new short hairstyles that I was drawn to in a while and honestly I was tired of the same old “look” that I had for the past 5-6 years. ( Note to self: if it has been more than 10 years since your last hairstyle change it is TIME for a change! )

There is a significant hassle factor in growing hair out but the reason that I grew it out was to have enough length do actually cut into a style to do something different with.  So, I did recognize that there would be a period where I was “in transition”.

Second the straw that broke the camel’s back was the fact that I worked so hard every day  to look like I was alive, vibrant, energetic and simply “with it”.  My hair  had grown to just about shoulder length was at times full of moisture and “big hair” and other times “flat”.

The products that I accumulated underneath my sink to manage all the stages of my growth was out of control.    I purchased products for when my hair was newly foiled and colored, products for when it rained and was humid, dry, cold, frizzy, flat, curly, needed straightened.  You name it I had it.

Beneath all the hair was a small-facial structure that wanted out.  My personality is not one that tolerates a lot of fuss about anything much less hair.  I’ve never needed a lot of time to “do” my hair and I was beginning to spend more than was humanly possible on 1 head-ENOUGH I said.

I was finished, tired, over and done with high maintenance.

I walked into the salon and said I’m “yours” have fun but please leave some for styling!  So now as my locks stand in shock over the next few days getting used to their new independence I feel FREE.

I feel alive, perky and feel like I have lost those last 5 pounds I have been carrying around since Thanksgiving.  I want to say just breathe!  YES, I did it.

Please remind me next time I want to have long hair that I DON’T and remember:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have Fun Doing It!”


  1. Teresa Smith says:

    I LOVE your new hair style! It looks awesome on you!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. This is a great look on you, Karen! Glad you’re loving it, too.

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