Flower Power-BIG Fall Trend for Fall 2011

You saw them for spring and they are strong for fall.  Bright, “poppy” prints.

Flower Power is a Big  Fall Trend for 2011.  Flowers everywhere and on everything, from shirts and dresses to skirts and slacks, handbags and accessories.

Will you be adding some of these bright vivid hues to your wardrobe this fall?

Sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming so make sure you know what to do and how to do it.  Wearing a bouquet takes a bit of savoir-faire to get it right.  Learn to watch how the stylists are doing it, pay attention to these tips and you’ll walk with confidence in your bright, poppy prints this sashaying in this fall trend!

  1. Wear this fall trend in a shirt: Balance out the bright, poppy print with equally bright matching accessories.  Bright shoes or a handbag is just the piece needed to support this look.
  2. Wear this fall trend in pants: Balance out the overall pattern with a sleek, architectural solid jacket.  It will calm and settle the print.
  3. Wear this fall  trend in a dress: Adding modern accessories to a floral dress scores over simple delicate ones.  Try a gold chunk link necklace or a graduated mixed metal and stone one to ground your look.
  4. Wear this fall trend in a skirt: If your body can handle all that pattern on the bottom, keep the look streamlined and simple with an easy effortless solid color top.  A sweater with little to NO embellishments or a denim jacket will update your look.

Do you see how many times I say the word “balance”?  I’ll admit, wearing these bright, poppy, all over trend prints isn’t for everyone and you probably won’t be seeing me wear this trend too much!

Be careful, as I’ve said if you’ve worn the look in days gone by, you stand the chance of looking “old lady” if you don’t wear the look just right.  Remember something as busy as floral patterns takes some confidence.  If you are going to do it you mustn’t be timid about it.

Wear it and wear it with confident style and you’ll:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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