Fall Trends for 2015

Style Trends Fall 2015

Remember rock n roll?  Remember, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, KISS and The Bee Gees?  Yes??? Then you want to sit up and pay attention, cause you are remembering a style that is BIG for Fall 2015!  Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Hey Jude from The Beatles.  These songs had a vibe that was easy loving… With […]

Wearing White After Labor Day…End of Discussion

Wearing White After Labor Day

Labor Day is here. The ‘official’ end of summer and beginning of Fall.  The biggest question I get each year: “Is it ok to wear WHITE after Labor Day?” You know that I’m one to sit on both sides of the argument.  So YES….and NO… YES, you can wear white after Labor Day…Actually, you can […]

Fall Color Trends 2014

Fall Color Trends

The Best Fall Color Trend for You Labor Day Weekend is here and this officially launches the end of summer. The Fall Season Begins. Have you been seeing all the fall color trends in the market? Overall, I feel the fall color trends  are beginning to soften a little.  This is typical for the change […]

Fall Color Trends 2014

Color Trends Fall 2014

Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing what trends are coming up for fall. When looking at trends in any season, it’s important to look at them as a whole and decide which ones resonate with you. The first Fall Trend we’ll talk about are the Color Trends for Fall 2014.  Color, big, bold […]

Ready for Fall Trends 2014

Fall Trends

Fall Trends that Scream 1970 Are you ready for Fall Trends 2014?  These  “new” fall trends are flashbacks if you are my age. We start to see trends emerge immediately after the 4th Of July.  They’re on the cover of magazines and in news feeds and even in the market.  Sales are starting to purge summer […]

Understanding Menswear Trends

Menswear Trend Cape

Menswear inspired clothing is still a strong Trend for Fall 2013.  I am a big fan of  Menswear Trends.  I think they are classic looks that anyone can wear and because they are classic…what does that mean???   They stay in your wardrobe longer!  They are a good investment.  Everyone should have at least 1 menswear […]

Denim on Denim – What’s Modern Now

Chambray Skirt

It’s baaaaack!  Yep, that’s right.  It’s chic to wear denim on denim right now. We’ve been seeing hints that this was happening over the last few seasons.  Now it’s a full on trend! Are you going there?  Should you try it if you’ve done it before?  Let’s talk!!! First, remember the rules about  wearing something […]

Falling Back on Point – Fall Shoe Trends 2013

#ShoeTrends Fall 2013

Fall Shoe Trends After a recent closet audit, my client decided that she really didn’t “NEED” to have a lot of new clothes!  That was great news to her…Then I suggested that perhaps this season might be the time to get her SHOE Wardrobe in order! Most of us can’t do everything all at once […]

Dresses that Flatter – Some May NOT Flatter “EVERY” Body

#Banana Republic

Banana Republic Sloan Sheath Dresses that Flatter? Have you been on the search for dresses that flatter your body? Are you on Banana Republic’s massive email list?  I am.  Recently, I received a post from them with the subject line stating: “A New Dress That Flatters EVERY Body” A friend who was very obviously on […]

Tracking Fall Trends

Track Pant Trend

Fall Trends 2013 It’s that time of year again…Fall…School has started here and our minds are beginning to turn from sun and sand to leaves falling and wooly things! As you know, fall is the biggest season for designers.  Fall Trends for 2013 have not had a huge shift from the seasons past.  That is […]