Recently on one of my “webinar wednesday” events we discussed jeans and How to Get a Great Pair of Jeans.  You know it’s not just about getting the right style for your body.  You might get a great style and something still goes wrong.

Particularly with jeans you MUST KNOW what goes into the production of your denim.  The fabric, denim itself can be made in many different ways.  Have you ever had the following problems:

  • Jeans that fit in the store but bag after an hour on your body
  • Jeans that fit but shrink after washing even dry cleaning
  • Jeans that promise to conform to your body but DON’T

These are all problems that are a result of the manufacture of the fabric-denim.  Technology has advanced so much in the past 10 years that if you are still wearing those jeans with 4% spandex and want to replace them you can’t.  The fabric just isn’t around any more.

I was on the phone this past week with Linsey Hinkle who works for Denim North America and was just fascinated by the process. I’ll try to break it down into a nutshell what is going on in the denim world.


  1. 100% cotton (the old fashioned denim-you know your old Levis)
  2. T400 (filament spun into cotton)
  3. Dual Core (2 fibers spun together around the cotton fiber)

Why you might ask should you care?  You should because #2 and #3 are the definitive methods of making sure your jeans don’t bag, sag OR shrink upon washing.  These two technologies are the difference in not just horizontal stretch but vertical stretch and recovery.  We love stretch in all the right places, but it’s got to recover or else it will bag and sag!

In my webinar I mentioned that Dow XLA was the latest in fiber technology, but I recently discovered that Dow is no longer manufacturing this fiber.

Take a look inside your jeans today.  Do they have a blend of fibers in them?  If not, you are probably NOT getting the best looking jeans for your body. Invest in the best fabric and your jeans will be with you for years to come.

Remember these tips and you’ll be styling in your jeans and:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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