Day #25 in the PINK-Success is Imminent!

PinkTieA chill is back in the air and I’m glad.  All of my “summer” PINK things are now in the laundry so the only thing I have to wear is my PINK Cashmere turtleneck.  It works for today, happily.  I told my son that I wanted to take a picture of him because he was wearing a PINK and white stripe tie today.  I thought that perhaps it was for me, but alas he has already taken it off-so a picture of the tie will have to do! 

You know, I may have to borrow this tie this week.  I think it might just be the creative surge I need to end the month with!

Yesterday we had 7 people ladies participate in the last Style Camp of 2009.  They were energetic and really showed a passion for learning what NOT to do.  They made some personal goals to start with, just small achievable ones- 30-60-90 day goals!  Success is imminent for them.  If you missed the opportunity this season to join us, no worries, we’re adding more fun things in 2010. 

My goal will be to help you with your STYLE in many ways.  For now, sit back relax and begin to settle in for a long winter!  You know they say it’s going to be a hard one.  So get your woolies out and go clear your closet of all the clutter.  Free your mind and space for wonderful things to come


Read the WHY? 


“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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