Color Speaks – How Color Influences Words and What We Wear

Color-Wheel-StyleYOUniversity.comColor speaks in any language.  I cannot imagine a world without color.  Even if you have lost your sight, studies have proven that you can still “see” color.  Color is energy. Color is life. It promotes, it demotes, it moves you to action, it keeps you calm and serene.

I want you to ‘see’ color and the value it has in your life.  To learn how to use color not only through the written word but also in dressing is, THE most powerful way we communicate!  

So, I say LEARN HOW to use it to your advantage!   What does color DO to you?  Think of some of the phrases we say:

Negative Color Meanings

  • Are you ‘feeling’ blue? 
  • ‘Red-hot’ with anger or
  • In a “white” knuckle situation or
  • ‘Green’ with envy?  

These are all negative connotations of color. We often wear clothing and use these words without even realizing what we are attracting by doing so. On a positive note:

Positive Color Meanings

  • Red can give you power (the power tie) and
  • White can make you have a sense of cleanliness and sterility (lab coats).
  • Yellow is the symbol of caution but it can also help you maintain your attention (post-it notes, legal pads)

Restaurants use the color red purposefully to stimulate your appetite?  The color red is active and penetrates the brain cells, but can be exhausting if used in an over abundance.

 “What does brown do for you”?  It’s UPS’s slogan.  Companies spend vast sums of money trying to get a logo to demonstrate to the world who they are.  Brown is part of the earth, therefore it is seen a stable, sturdy, dependable.

Think about how you are utilizing color each and every day.  Can you begin to use it in ways that might influence people to elicit a more positive reaction to you?

Next time you are getting ready for an interview, date, speaking engagement consider the colors you are wearing. Who will you be speaking to, and how you might influence their behavior in a positive way.  Let me know what the reaction is AND how YOU feel after doing so!  I’ll bet that you’ll notice a difference in the reactions of others and you’ll:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing IT!”


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