Color of the Month for March

Boy, am I ready for Spring!  It seems to have been a strange winter so far and I’m sure that we’re not quite done, but the promise of spring and warmer weather is just around the corner!

If you were born in the month of March, Happy Birthday!  There are many birthdays in my family this month so we’ll hang a little green with the leprechauns soon!  So If you were born in the month of March, your “Birthday Color” is Fair Aqua.  I rather like this color, don’t you?


Your “words” are  Intuitive, Subtle and Empathetic.

From the Book:  Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt, the color for the month of March is Fair Aqua.

“Dreamy and illusive, this color helps guide people between the conscious and subconscious worlds.  Fair Aqua evokes the qualities of trust and clarity.  Neptune, god of the oceans, presides over the month.

Fair Aqua can lift your spirits when life seems too drab or mundane.  It is a color that evokes inspiration and intuition.  Meditate with this color in mind when you need help identifying your innermost desires or are feeling a lack of imagination.

Wear or surround yourself with Fair Aqua as an aid to sleeping dreaming and meditating.” -Michele Bernhardt

We surround ourselves with color, but rarely do we realize the power that color has on our emotions.  As you move into Spring, note the colors that surround you!  Sometimes simply wearing a little color will help you as you await the newness of spring!

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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