Color of the Month for August

The Color of the month for AUGUST is Sun Orange.

August is the month for moving back into a ‘getting back to work’ mindset!  What a better way to motivate ourselves than with the energetic color ORANGE! Psychologically speaking, orange is considered a playful, less serious color.  It is one of the most popular colors used in sports.  Think about all the Universities that use the color Orange in their branding!  Here in the SEC there are many! 

With that said, if your birthday is in the month of August, Happy Birthday!  My oldest son’s birthday is in August!  Happy Birthday, Patrick!  Read on and enjoy the descriptive power of your birthday month!

According to Michele Bernhardt, author of Colorstrology, you are Regal, Inspiring and Powerful !

Were you born in the month of August?

“The color of the month for August is Sun Orange.  Grand and royal, this is a color that resonates with power and greatness.  Gold signifies both spiritual and material wealth.

The sun moves through the majestic sign of Leo during the month of August.  The sign of Leo rules royalty.

The brightness of this color dispels darkness and is especially helpful when you feel the need to protect yourself.  It also assists in aligning you with riches, monetary support, and your position in life.

Sun Orange can be used by anyone to increase creativity and joy.

Sun Orange eliminates self-consciousness and allows you to express yourself with radiance and confidence.  It opens the heart and lets love enter.

This is a color that resonates with laughter and celebration-it is easy to smile when you wear or surround yourself with Sun Orange.  This color will lift your mood and allow you to see the brighter side of life.” -Michele Bernhardt

If your birthday is in the month of August, enjoy the inspiring creativity you bring to the table!

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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