Clothes Makes the Man and the WOMAN

Last week a friend of mine sent me a link to a post from Peter Shankman, Social Media Entrepreneur, CEO, Angel Investor, Speaker, Consultant and Adventurist.

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about “branding”.  Branding coaches are popping up all over the place.  From 360 consulting to becoming a Certified Branding Coach people are spending a lot of money on trying to figure things out.

It amazes me why people don’t just start with the mirror…I guess because you see yourself every day you don’t consider the outward appearance a place to begin.

I say it’s the perfect place to start.  I’m not saying that branding coaches aren’t useful,  I simply want to urge you to connect with who you are before you start letting someone tell you who you are.

Back in the 80’s when Dress for Success and John T. Molloy became the symbol of success, everyone just looked like a “suit”.  They dressed the same way “for success”.  This success looked like a blue suit, white shirt and tie for men and for women a blue suit, white blouse closed toe pumps.

BORING……I totally agree with Shankman in his article and you can read the full piece here,  Clothing Helps Make the Style.  The Style Helps Make Your Brand, but I encourage you to KNOW what your style is.

Don’t just dress in a certain way because someone has told you that this is what you are supposed to do.  Understand little nuances of your personality, body lines, proportions so that you can maximize the clothes to accent your ASSETS!

Take cues from the top. As Peter says, just because you have a laid back environment, doesn’t mean you should look like a slob….Style is created, style is your brand, do you want to be branded a SLOB or worse a STREETWALKER?  The rules are simple and I’ll add a few to Shankman’s list:

  1. Fashion is bought Style is created (you can learn it)
  2. Clothes should fit the curves of your body (that doesn’t mean hug and snug)
  3. If you show skin, expect that people will see that and expect that as your brand
  4. When opportunity knocks….it’s too late to prepare (dress “as if”)
  5. Style can be fun and you can “own” your signature style (your brand)

At the end of the day who you are and who you become are closely related to what people see

Make your style count, because your image is the easiest way that you can affect what people perceive about you!

There, now I’ve said it…Thanks Peter for getting me started!

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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