Boobs in Business Don’t Show your Brains

Cleavage in BusinessSorry ladies, they don’t!  At the risk of sounding like a prude I have proof!

In the movies it’s one thing…Here Julia Roberts portrays a strong willed woman trying to set right many wrongs in the movie Erin Brockovich…Yes, she was successful and Julia was GREAT in this movie, but read what the results of mysurvey reveal.

If you had any doubt that you could (or should) reveal your “girls” in business this should put them back inside their blouse.

This from a young gentleman:

“Definitely not appropriate – I’ve worked with women in positions of power that use their “assets” to get what they want. In my opinion this is completely wrong, sexist and total unprofessional”  James B.

Recently, I closed a month long surveyabout cleavage in the workplace and the comments were both surprising and revealing!

Not only were the number of  men responding greater than women but the age of those who actually commented was younger than I would have thought!

So girls take note…Another comment put some perspective on how men think about it:

“In our wonderful world of equality, its only fair to say none should be showing. If a guy walked into the office with his chest bulging out of an open shirt, it would almost certainly be frowned upon and our female colleagues should be treated no differently. I’m not sure I would go so far as to call it unprofessional, but I would certainly question the motivation behind it if a lady were to walk into my office with quite a lot showing bare.”  Neil F.

I’d like to give you my perspective on things because I can usually see both sides of the fence, let me take “boob” out of the picture all together and just talk about trends.

When I started in the workplace John T. Malloy’s book Dress for Success was the Bible of how to make it in business.  I followed it an marched to the tune of dress for success.

Then came “business casual”.  It infiltrated the workplace with unadulterated abandon.  Dress codes relaxed, and wardrobes became a seamless transition.  There was no difference between date night, weekend or work wardrobes.

If you pay attention to ANY historical trend, what goes around comes around and this trend is no different.  Dressing for business is in VOGUE once again! In a perfect world wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t matter but it does.  A parting commentary from the female side of the house:

“What sort of a ridiculous question is this? I can’t imagine any similar sort of question being asked of a man, so why on earth is a woman’s cleavage relevant, rather than whether she’s good at her job? Whether a woman wears a skimpy top or hijab, or anything in between, is of no concern to anyone else.”  Gerwyn M.

I’m afraid that this person missed the point of all together.  No, it shouldn’t matter what one dresses like, but it does.  Your reputation will always precede you but first you must gain the respect of your colleagues.  Getting your foot in the door first is often one of judgment and being able to connect on a level deeper than your bust.

No one really knows how good you are at your job until you’ve had a chance to prove yourself.  So ladies, give yourself a chance…Leave your cleavage for date night or the weekend but not in business.

Women currently earn only 80 cents to every dollar earned by men. I want you to earn your keep…get out there and make a difference and:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It”….but with your brains not your boobs!


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