Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Give Away It’s been many almost 19 years since my mother called me one Sunday evening announcing she was going to have a mastectomy.  I was living in Minnesota, hundreds of miles away from home.  I had 3 children, the youngest just 9 months old. Although I couldn’t believe what I […]

Natural Solutions Class


NATURAL SOLUTIONS CLASS Are YOU Someone Who: Is interested in learning more about Natural Solutions? Is trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Wants to implement more natural solutions to your everyday health concerns Is interested in understanding what all the interest is in Essential Oils? Wants to get yourself and your family on a better […]

Kale Salad – A Stylish Recipe

Kale Salad

Another Kale Salad   I’ve been back in the kitchen lately and am trying to find different ways to consume that popular leafy green…..KALE!  Geesh, have you ever seen so much about a single food item??? Who knew this stiff, mostly decorative green could be consumed in so many different ways.  Recently I had a […]

Fall Silhouette Trends for 2014

J Crew Drapey Wool Sweat Pant

Fall Silhouette Trends Fall Silhouette Trends this year bear paying attention to. You may not be aware of it, but there are some significant “new” trends emerging that will influence the way you will be seeing shapes over the next several year. The “Length” and “Shape” of things to come! Midi vs Mini Have you seen […]

Thriving with Essentials – Staying Focused and Getting Rest

Sweet Dreams Solution

Staying Focused All Day  Stay Focused and Wind Down at the End of the Day By the time you get this, I will be in Utah at the conference for Wellness Advocates.  Actually, the conference doesn’t start until Thursday, but I’m going out a few days early to participate in some classes and enhance my learning. […]

Essential Beauty – BeautiControl Helps Hands and Skin


BeautiControl Products On Sale I know it’s early to be thinking of the Holiday Season, but I just had to share one of my favorite things!  The Instant Hand Manicure by BeautiControlis a sea salt scrub that makes your hands feel smooth and just like you have had a manicure. During the holidays, I am […]

Fall Pattern Trends

Plaid Trends

Fall Pattern Trends 2014 I’ve been talking a little about Fall Trends. In this post, I’ll discuss the pattern trends you will see in the market. When you see comments like “60’s or 70’s Inspired” this doesn’t mean that you can bring back what you wore in the 60’s or 70’s. It means the designers […]

5 Easy Remedies to Wake Up Tired Eyes

Remedies for Tired Eyes

Tired eyes are one of the quickest ways to age you.  We all have them from time to time. Ever heard the adage: “cold feet, warm heart”.  Well, cold feet might also mean you haven’t had enough sleep and wake up with tired eyes. Are those eyes looking back at you are not as rested […]

Color for September What it Says About You

September Colors

Birthday Color As we start the fall season I want to share with you the Beautiful Color for September!  September is a time of slowing down and starting up.  It is a time when the last efforts to accomplish yearly goals are recharged. If your birthday is in September, “Happy Birthday”! It is a great […]

Fall Color Trends 2014

Fall Color Trends

The Best Fall Color Trend for You Labor Day Weekend is here and this officially launches the end of summer. The Fall Season Begins. Have you been seeing all the fall color trends in the market? Overall, I feel the fall color trends  are beginning to soften a little.  This is typical for the change […]