Color for the Month for May

May Colors

April showers bring May flowers, right?!   The Color of the month for May is all about renewal! If your birthday is in the Month of May your color is Bud Green! According to Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt, you are Healing, Rejuvenating and Prosperous! “The color for the month of May is Bud Green.  Vital […]

Swimsuit Style – Don’t Just Show Up in a Bathing Suit

Swimsuit Cover Up

Swimsuit season is here. Are you ready?  Buying a swimsuit is something many women cringe at. First, it’s the trying on and seeing yourself in the mirror. Second, it’s hard to know…is BLACK really your best color when wearing swimsuit??  Besides, you ARE seeing a lot of skin, right?! Finally, if you are over 45, […]

Are You Too Old to Wear Swimsuits?

Swimsuit Style

Here we go again…Memorial Day weekend is coming up and swimsuit season begins.  Do you think you are too old to don a bathing suit? We have had a pool in our back yard for many years now and I have enjoyed just sitting by the pool before it gets too hot and sticky.  Just […]

Iron a Shirt – Change Your World


I finally worked through my mountain of ironing last week.  During the process, I had an epiphany.  If everyone spent time learning how to iron a shirt, they could change their world!  You don’t think so? When was the last time you spent any time ironing?  Do you know how to iron a shirt? Have […]

Color of the Month – April

April Colors

  Color of the Month What a GREAT color for the month of April!  It is perfect to usher in Spring! Color me Energetic…Fiery…Courageous!  April is HERE! If your birthday in the month of April you are Fiery, Energetic and Courageous ! According to Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt, Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, governs […]

Stylish Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Chips with Essential Oils

Apple Chips with Cinnamon Essential OIls

I can’t really claim credit for this recipe but I did take my own before and after picture, so you can see that I really DID try them out.  This recipe is from doTERRA’s Blog.  You know I love to try new recipes and this one’s a ‘keeper’ as my mother in law would say. […]

Taking Out the Trash – Make Room for Spring

Messy Closet

It’s the perfect metaphor for so many things. TAKING OUT THE TRASH! I recycle in hopes of turning my glass, paper, plastic and aluminum into other things. I remove old food from my refrigerator that has expired for fear of getting sick.   Those are easy things to trash. Why is it  that we have such […]

Color of the Month for March

March Colors

Boy, am I ready for Spring!  It seems to have been a strange winter so far and I’m sure that we’re not quite done, but the promise of spring and warmer weather is just around the corner! If you were born in the month of March, Happy Birthday!  There are many birthdays in my family […]

Celebrating 10 Years, Personal Growth and Transitions


  The month of March marks the 10th anniversary.  I vividly remember my husband asking me this question: “How long do you see yourself doing this?” My response was swift and sure… “I don’t know, I guess 10 years.” I was turning 48 and I figured, what the heck!  I can do anything for 1, 2, 3 […]

What’s YOUR Style Personality

What’s YOUR Style Personality? Do you know what defines a style personality?  Can you pick which of these images might be who YOU are?  Your style personality is defined in the clothes you wear.  Sometimes we forget who we are and just ‘go for it’….buy what’s styled on the mannequin.  Then we don’t wear these […]