5 Easy Remedies to Wake Up Tired Eyes

Remedies for Tired Eyes

Tired eyes are one of the quickest ways to age you.  We all have them from time to time. Ever heard the adage: “cold feet, warm heart”.  Well, cold feet might also mean you haven’t had enough sleep and wake up with tired eyes. Are those eyes looking back at you are not as rested […]

Color for September What it Says About You

September Colors

Birthday Color As we start the fall season I want to share with you the Beautiful Color for September!  September is a time of slowing down and starting up.  It is a time when the last efforts to accomplish yearly goals are recharged. If your birthday is in September, “Happy Birthday”! It is a great […]

Fall Color Trends 2014

Fall Color Trends

The Best Fall Color Trend for You Labor Day Weekend is here and this officially launches the end of summer. The Fall Season Begins. Have you been seeing all the fall color trends in the market? Overall, I feel the fall color trends  are beginning to soften a little.  This is typical for the change […]

Essential Beauty – How to Apply Lipstick

How to ApplyLipstick

Essential Beauty Tip Here’s a great essential beauty tip for you this week.  Learn the BEST way to apply Lipstick? A New Season of Lipstick Every season new lip colors are introduced so it was not surprising when I received a new supply of lipsticks. It reminded me that sometimes it is very difficult to […]

Essential Oils for Tissue Regeneration – Lemongrass


Essential Oils for Tissue Regeneration Have you ever had a torn muscle?  Maybe Plantar Fasciitis  has plagued you.  Did you know that lemongrass is known to help the body heal from these common tissue and muscle problems?  Lemongrass is an analgesic, so it helps ease discomfort.  It is also anti-inflammatory, so it will help reduce […]

Fall Color Trends 2014

Color Trends Fall 2014

Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing what trends are coming up for fall. When looking at trends in any season, it’s important to look at them as a whole and decide which ones resonate with you. The first Fall Trend we’ll talk about are the Color Trends for Fall 2014.  Color, big, bold […]

Ready for Fall Trends 2014

Fall Trends

Fall Trends that Scream 1970 Are you ready for Fall Trends 2014?  These  “new” fall trends are flashbacks if you are my age. We start to see trends emerge immediately after the 4th Of July.  They’re on the cover of magazines and in news feeds and even in the market.  Sales are starting to purge summer […]

Color of the Month for August

August Colors

The Color of the month for AUGUST is Sun Orange. August is the month for moving back into a ‘getting back to work’ mindset!  What a better way to motivate ourselves than with the energetic color ORANGE! Psychologically speaking, orange is considered a playful, less serious color.  It is one of the most popular colors […]

A Tribute to Daddy: An American Quilt

The Making of an American Quilt

Last week was a sad/happy week for me.  After a long stretch of setbacks and recoveries, my dad passed away peacefully at his home. What a beautiful thing to be able to do.   My daughter also had her first Wedding Shower…and so it goes. One chapter ends as a new chapter begins. The Making of an American […]

Summer Makeup – Tips for Keeping it Fresh

Summer Make Up Tips

Summer Makeup Tips We’re just around the corner from the “dog days” of summer!  The problem with makeup in the summer is that it tends to melt. Added heat and humidity can send you to a wilted, limp and messy look by the end of the day. Try using these simple tips and you will find they help […]