Birthday Color Meaning for July

Happy Birthday July!

The Birthday Color for the month of  July is Coral Blush!  Seen here to the left, your Birthday Color Meaning says that you are Soothing, Receptive and Nurturing, according Colorstrology author, Michele Bernhardt.

One might think that the color for the month of  July would be all sparklers and fireworks, but it’s not!  Here’s what she says about your birthday month!

“The color for the month of July is Coral Blush.  Gentle and soothing, Coral Blush inspires love and receptivity.  The moon rules the skies during the month of July, and just as the moon goes through its phases and cycles, so do we.

The silver in this color signifies the value of change, reflection, and receptivity, and the pink represents love and tenderness.

Together we have a color that can be used in times of change or transition and as an aid for emotional healing.

Coral Blush can be used by anyone to open the heart and lift the spirit.

Coral Blush aligns with feminine energy and increases receptivity.

It helps attract love and sweetness into your life.  This color can help you to receive love and care from others and can be very useful when moving through family traumas.

Coral Blush can help you adjust to changes and carry you peaceful through the cycles of life.”  -Michele Bernhardt

Whether you are experiencing changes or simply celebrating your birthday, enjoy the sense of nurturing your birthday color can bring.

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”


  1. eve maderazo says:

    Im born on month of may.may i know my color ..month of may..22

  2. Eve: Your Birthday Color is Peridot. Your 3 words are Dramatic, Poised & Knowledgeable. I hope you had a nice birthday!

  3. serena david says:

    Thank you so much for this Karen

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