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Style that is accessible and achievable is the cornerstone of Karen Hughes’ mission. With humor and grace, she shows audiences how to connect to that little girl inside, transform your wardrobe, and discover the potential to shop with confidence and dress successfully no matter where they are in their life.






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Knockout Tips to Stay Stylish and Cool this Summer

Style YOUniversity

July for many marks the beginning of summer. For many of us we’ve already begun to feel the heat.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay stylish AND cool when the humidity and heat is on the rise, but you can. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes there are easy, effortless […]

Let Freedom Ring!

The Sunday before the 4th of July is known as Patriotic service at the church I attend.  It is a time to listen to powerful music and remember how fortunate we are to live in a country where freedom comes so easy.  Each branch of service is honored when the song symbolizing their branch is played.  It […]

Birthday Color Meaning for July

July Colors

Happy Birthday July! The Birthday Color for the month of  July is Coral Blush!  Seen here to the left, your Birthday Color Meaning says that you are Soothing, Receptive and Nurturing, according Colorstrology author, Michele Bernhardt. One might think that the color for the month of  July would be all sparklers and fireworks, but it’s […]

Swimsuits to Flatter your Figure


Do you know HOW to Find a Swimsuit to Flatter Your Figure?  It’s tough, I know and it’s swimsuit season.  I can sense the visible angst at going shopping! Are you dreading it? Every year women the world over have angst over buying the best swimsuit for their body.  The decision to even wear a […]

June Color of the Month

June Colors

June is a sunny month!  Happy Birthday if this is your month!  If your birthday is in the month of June, you are considered Radiant, Intellectually Energizing and Uplifting! According to the book, Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt, Aspen Gold is the Color for the month of June. “Energizing and activating, this is a color filled […]

Color for the Month for May

May Colors

April showers bring May flowers, right?!   The Color of the month for May is all about renewal! If your birthday is in the Month of May your color is Bud Green! According to Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt, you are Healing, Rejuvenating and Prosperous! “The color for the month of May is Bud Green.  Vital […]

Color of the Month – April

April Colors

  Color of the Month What a GREAT color for the month of April!  It is perfect to usher in Spring! Color me Energetic…Fiery…Courageous!  April is HERE! If your birthday in the month of April you are Fiery, Energetic and Courageous ! According to Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt, Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, governs […]

Color of the Month for March

March Colors

Boy, am I ready for Spring!  It seems to have been a strange winter so far and I’m sure that we’re not quite done, but the promise of spring and warmer weather is just around the corner! If you were born in the month of March, Happy Birthday!  There are many birthdays in my family […]

February Color of the Month

February Colors

February Color…Ah, Love is in the air and the color for the month of February is Sheer Lilac. From  the book: Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt, the color Sheer Lilac is Uplifting, Progressive and Detached. “Inspiring and imaginative, this color invokes the qualities of humanity and kindness.  Sheer Lilac helps us comprehend the spirit of humankind […]

Color for the Month of January

January Colors

The Color for the month of January is Caramel.  A Colorful way to start the Year!  Happy Birthday January!  If your birthday is in January you are in the month of new starts!  The month is considered practical, you are determined and a builder.  From the Book, Colorstrology, The Color for the Month of January […]