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Style that is accessible and achievable is the cornerstone of Karen Hughes’ mission. With humor and grace, she shows audiences how to connect to that little girl inside, transform your wardrobe, and discover the potential to shop with confidence and dress successfully no matter where they are in their life.






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What’s YOUR Style Personality

What’s YOUR Style Personality? Do you know what defines a style personality?  Can you pick which of these images might be who YOU are?  Your style personality is defined in the clothes you wear.  Sometimes we forget who we are and just ‘go for it’….buy what’s styled on the mannequin.  Then we don’t wear these […]

Style Personality – Are You Reserved?


Style Personalities can be complex. During the month of February, we’re talking all month long about the characteristics that define your style personality. Last week we explored the vast substance of expressive and reserved style personalities. We talked about Lady Gaga being an “expressive” personality.  When thinking about reserved personalities, sometimes the word ‘reserved’ conveys […]

Clearance Time – How to Shop a Sale


The Holiday season is over and you are seeing sale signs everywhere. Your heart is beginning to palpitate. YOU MUST go shopping, right? It’s a sale….there must be something you have to have? Not so fast…Before you run and scour the sales, do me a favor and check out this top 10 list. Make sure […]

A Meaningful Life – Join Me on the Journey

Life's A Journey

The Journey of Life Look through these trees. Can you see to the end? I can’t! You can see through but not to the end.  The end is a mystery. It’s a beautiful mystery that soon will be completely obscured with greenery.  I like winter for this reason. You get a glimpse of seeing through to opportunities, but […]

The Return of the Man – Menswear Trends

J. Crew Ludlow Collection

Watch out ladies, the hottest trend in the fashion industry is…..MEN, and it’s NOT your Trend… It’s Menswear Trends for the man! Could this signal the return of the MAN? I’m all for equality and women’s rights, but have felt for some time now that men have been taking a back seat….and it hasn’t been […]

Food for Thought: Pure Vanilla Extract – Is It?

Pure Vanilla Extract

For many years now, I have made it a practice to READ labels.  Do you read labels too?  With the Holiday Season upon us baking in my house is in full force.  This means that I am buying a LOT of sugar, flour and vanilla extract. I only bought artificial vanilla extract once, and that was […]

Marsala – Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Color of the Year 2015

NOTHING excites me more than color.  I anxiously await the Color of the Year announcement each December. It seems as if it comes earlier and earlier each year. Thursday, December 4th, Pantone announced the Color of the Year for 2015; and as you can see….the color is Marsala!  What a wonderful, yummy color this is! […]

Stylish Recipe – Granola Recipe With Dried Cherries

Granola Bars

 Granola Recipe with Dried Cherries I feel that I have finally found a granola recipe that I can honestly say is easy and tasty!  I modified a recipe recently and am still tweaking it but the way it is right now is just about perfect. It includes some heathy things such as flax seeds, chia seeds […]

The Morning After a Big Event

Mopping the Floor

No one told me that I’d be sad on Monday!  It’s the strangest mix of emotions. As vulnerable as this feels, I just have to say it! I did not expect this, and it may sound strange but I wasn’t a big part of the planning part of this event. Maggie is VERY organized. I […]

Lemon Essential Oil – Not Just for Iced Tea Anymore

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil – Properties, Benefits and Uses   Ever notice the number of uses for Lemons? I didn’t until recently, when I began using drops of lemon essential oil in my water each day. One thing leads to another, to another and here I am sharing with you the multitude of uses for lemon oil. […]