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Style that is accessible and achievable is the cornerstone of Karen Hughes’ mission. With humor and grace, she shows audiences how to connect to that little girl inside, transform your wardrobe, and discover the potential to shop with confidence and dress successfully no matter where they are in their life.






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Stylish Recipe – Granola Recipe With Dried Cherries

Granola Bars

 Granola Recipe with Dried Cherries I feel that I have finally found a granola recipe that I can honestly say is easy and tasty!  I modified a recipe recently and am still tweaking it but the way it is right now is just about perfect. It includes some heathy things such as flax seeds, chia seeds […]

The Morning After a Big Event

Mopping the Floor

No one told me that I’d be sad on Monday!  It’s the strangest mix of emotions. As vulnerable as this feels, I just have to say it! I did not expect this, and it may sound strange but I wasn’t a big part of the planning part of this event. Maggie is VERY organized. I […]

Lemon Essential Oil – Not Just for Iced Tea Anymore

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil – Properties, Benefits and Uses   Ever notice the number of uses for Lemons? I didn’t until recently, when I began using drops of lemon essential oil in my water each day. One thing leads to another, to another and here I am sharing with you the multitude of uses for lemon oil. […]

5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Closet

Feng Shui

8 Point Feng Shui System Feng Shui is the ancient practice of aligning your environment.  It is said to reflect what is going on inside your life.  So, let me ask you a question. What does your closet look like right now? Is your closet a collected mass of junk, or is it organized?  Does it […]

A FUN Essential Oils Workshop

doTERRA Essential OIls Make and Take

doTERRA Essential Oil Make and Take Workshop   A FUN Hands On Workshop Join me on Thursday, November 6th at 7PM for this FUN hands on workshop!   Class Supply Fee:  $20 Register Here Have you heard talk about essential oils? Curious just what essential oils are and why people are talking? If you are, this […]

Verage Skincare – A New Approach to Natural Skincare

Verage Skin Care doTERRA All Natural Skin Care

I’ve been testing a new All Natural Skincare line recently and wanted to share with you my thoughts.  Verage is the new skincare from doTERRA.  As you know, I’ve been learning about essential oils and the powerful ways they can work with the body. Natural Skin Care You may think skin care is not that […]

Shapewear – Stuff It, Shape It, Smooth It


“Spanx is the canvas and clothing is the art.” -Sara Blakely Last week I met with the man who will be making my mother of the bride dress. I know that sounds pretty extravagant, but trust me…it’s not….  To be honest, I’m a little nervous.  I wanted to make it myself, but my biggest fear was […]

Stylish Recipe Brie and Apples Appetizer

Brie Appetizer

Fall is here and so is my desire to get back into the kitchen and get my creative cooking going.  Brie and apples go hand in glove, so when I saw this recipe last week and just had to try. I have to give credit for this recipe to Parties for Pennies blog.  She has […]

Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Give Away It’s been many almost 19 years since my mother called me one Sunday evening announcing she was going to have a mastectomy.  I was living in Minnesota, hundreds of miles away from home.  I had 3 children, the youngest just 9 months old. Although I couldn’t believe what I […]

Natural Solutions Class


NATURAL SOLUTIONS CLASS Are YOU Someone Who: Is interested in learning more about Natural Solutions? Is trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Wants to implement more natural solutions to your everyday health concerns Is interested in understanding what all the interest is in Essential Oils? Wants to get yourself and your family on a better […]