Accent Color in Your Closet-What’s Best for You

Accent Color is the Soul of Your Wardrobe

Accent ColorsA Great Accent Color   is the soul of every closet.  Foundation is the heart.  When creating a closet that works and one that supports your lifestyle needs, great accent color is essential. My mantra has always been “core, accent, accessory”.

Every day when I dress, I ask myself “what color I want to be today”.  That “color” is my accent color. If you have built a core wardrobe with pieces that fit, flatter and feel good on your body, your accent color makes getting dressed easy.

This past week was my daughter’s birthday.  She is just beginning to build a wardrobe for her everyday “work” life.

Accent Color Challenge

Choosing an accent color shouldn’t be difficult, but that is where most women get into trouble.  Most women find a great top and buy it in a million different colors.  I challenge you to think differently.  I challenge you to work on understanding only your very best colors and work on 1-2 of them each season.  When you choose only one or two accent colors to work on each season you begin to search those colors out in the market and can then focus only on your best style.

Go Deep With Your Accent Color

Rather than having lots of different pattern in tops, shirts and blouses, minimize the pattern in your closet.  Add pattern only after you have developed a depth in color will allow you to mix and match all your pieces with your foundation.

Can you tell what accent colors she is working on this season? The best part of all is that your wardrobe begins to have personality..YOUR personality because everything in your foundation/core wardrobe should be interchangeable with your accent color of the season.  You will event be able to work those accent color pieces back to past season pieces to freshen them up!

It’s fun to minimize your wardrobe selection by adding just an accent color or two! Once you’ve figured out what colors make your feel good and flatter your personal body’s characteristics, you can then have even more fun with your accessories!

So tell me….what is YOUR best accent color?  Are you wearing it?  Are you using it in your wardrobe? Remember it’s:  “Core-Accent-Accessories” that make your wardrobe unique.  Stop buying the rainbow and get into your very best colors this season!

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”


  1. Karen, when you say that “everything in your foundation/core wardrobe should be interchangeable with your accent color of the season”, do you mean that if turquoise is my accent color, I should be able to buy a pencil skirt in turquoise in the same way I would buy one in a neutral, and fit it into my closet accordingly?

  2. But I would want you to make sure that you put your accent color in that core piece only after you have your foundational core color covered. Remember, color as it impacts you skintone matters most above the waist where it reflects next to your face

  3. Bonnie McManus says:

    Love the layout . . . you make it all sound so easy . . . why can’t you be closer?

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