A Case for Less is More in Your Wardrobe

Less is More – Or Is It?

Verizon-Bogo-styleYOUniversityYou say you want “quality not quantity”, but do you?  You say “less is more” but is it?

American women have been programmed to shop, bargain hunt and stuff pieces into their closets and I wonder if they believe the saying that “less is more”.

It cycle’s with trends and today because of the economy, it seems like the right thing to do.

Retailers are getting pretty masterful at manipulating our emotions though.  Previously, we could reap the rewards and capitalize on savings at the end of the season.

Coupons, BOGO, Bounce Back

Weekly, there is  another reason to go shopping…and heaven forbid paying full price for something. You’d best go back the next week to see if it is on sale!  Oh, and if it is on sale, since you’ve already ‘spent the money’, you are going to buy something else and spend more! NO WONDER we have a financial crisis on our hands.

The grocery store, cell phone store, office stores – it’s everywhere! It’s called “the lost leader”.  It’s the “teaser” that brings people into the store…

Recently, I called a store to speak to a personal shopper that works with a client of mine so that we could be on the same page and the manager mentioned a “bounce back” coupon…Come back and save.  Guess what? I bought a dress (full price) and YES I will be returning to get my discount on Saturday…

Embracing Less is More

I believe that we would like to embrace less is more, but we fall short of pursuing it in our closet. It’s hard..Very hard to go to any store these days and not come home with more than what we went to the store for… It takes supreme discipline to STOP….We’ll see how disciplined I will be!

We want more for less.  We want to spend the same amount of money and get lots of little things.  It makes us feel like we have ‘beat the system’ and we feel proud for saving so much money….but have we?

Rather than being satisfied with putting one quality piece in our wardrobe, building upon it and enjoying how beautiful it makes us feel we want 10 things of lesser quality.

Consider how wonderful you feel each time wear an accessory piece, shirt or slacks that make you feel beautiful.

The point in all of this is not to admonish you for shopping or wanting more for less, it is to recognize what kind of shopper you are or want to be.  It is a mind shift to move from getting many items to putting all those items into one bigger purchase.

Shift Your Thinking

Begin to shift?  How do you move from more for less to less is more mentality?

  • Start with your foundational pieces-slacks, skirts, jackets and only buy what  fits, flatters and feels good on.
  • Quality matters most in foundational pieces.  Spend as much as you can on these pieces.
  • Focus on fabric quality and fit.
  • Don’t buy anything with extreme detail in foundational pieces when building your wardrobe. (wide leg, funky buttons, bling or embellishments)
  • Keep the color and pattern neutral

Foundational Pieces

Initially, this methodology may feel boring and unexciting. Remind yourself that nothing strong is built without a firm foundation.

A firm foundation supports your artistic expression.  Once in place,  have  fun adding color and sometimes inexpensive pieces creating a unique look.

You will begin to see the value in developing a “less is more” mentality.  Remember, you don’t need the rainbow and every-thing is not for every-body!

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”



  1. Bonnie McManus says:

    I so believe what you are saying Karen . . . and I am really trying . . . but still a work in progress. I’m interested in hearing your tips.

  2. Bonnie, keep it up! It will always be a “work in progress’. I liken it to when you stop learning, you stop growing!

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