8 Basics Wardrobe Pieces You Can’t Live Without

8 Basic Wardrobe Pieces

StyleYOUniversity.com-Classiques-NordstromDo you have 8 Basic Wardrobe Pieces in your closet?  If not, then you are probably struggling putting an outfit together each and every morning.

Building a wardrobe can sometimes be a stressful but it doesn’t have to be.  Finding the RIGHT items that fit and feel good on might be a challenge, but that’s where I come in.

Last week, I went on an annual shopping trip with my sister to refresh her fall wardrobe.  Her business is casual and she did not want to feel and look like she was too dressed up in her small office.  Her clients are predominantly rural and she didn’t want to make them feel unimportant by being overly dressed.

For her, getting good quality, well made, wardrobe pieces were key.

Some people think that just because you don’t need to dress in a suit that you shouldn’t be shopping for better quality items.

I hear “I don’t need good clothes because I don’t wear a suit”.  The reverse is almost true….Everyone looks better in a suit, even if it is a cheap suit; but it is difficult to look polished in casual clothing unless you are buying the right pieces.

You can learn how to build a great wardrobe at workshops and online and there are personal shoppers at most stores, but getting these 8 basic wardrobe pieces is essential. It’s even more essential when you have a business casual lifestyle.

Make sure that you have the 8 basics covered in your wardrobe and as I told my sister, “everything goes with everything”. Then it’s just a matter of mix and match!

8 Basic Wardrobe Pieces

  1. Basic, well tailored black pants
  2. Dark, denim
  3. Classic white shirt
  4. Silk shell
  5. Black skirt
  6. Favorite sports coat, jacket or sweater
  7. Black heeled pumps
  8. Black boots

When you are looking for each of these items, strive for simplicity.  You can always add a belt, scarf or jewelry to multiply your looks.  If you are drawn to bling, go for detail such as top-stitching.  The less a garment is embellished, the greater your opportunities are for multiplying its look.

Once you have these basics covered, then you can add some pop or pattern.  Go for 1 great topper

My favorite find in our shopping trip was a plaid vest.  I absolutely adore this vest.  It will be a piece that can be worn dressy or casual and THAT will bring value to her wardrobe.

Keep it simple, streamlined and get the basics covered first and you will:

“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”


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