5 Ways to Know if it Zips it Will FIT!

Fit-Problems-JeansDo you think that just because you can get your body in those pants, button your boobs inside your shirt it fits? Don’t like alterations or tailoring?  Think again.

Just because you can zip up your pants, button your blouse and pull on that dress doesn’t mean it fits! In times past, putting on clothes and zipping, buttoning them meant they fit.  The fabric didn’t stretch so just getting your clothes on over your head without ripping them and being able to close them meant they fit!

Advances in fiber technology has given us a tremendous advantage – developing fabrics that not only fit us but allow us to be poured into garments like a second skin.  How do you know just because something is on your body that it fits the way that it should?

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Sure it Fits

These are 5 questions you can ask yourself while looking in the mirror to know that yes indeed, if it zips it does fit and you will look great in it:

  1. Once zipped, do your pants have puckers, gathers or pulls at or near your inseam or crotch area?  If there is tension in that area you will see stress in the form of puckers.
  2. When your shirt, blouse or dress is buttoned, do you see gaping at the center of your bust line?  This is a sure indication that your garment does not fit.  Buttons should lie flat and smooth all the way down the front of your body.
  3. If you have pockets on your garment such as side or slash pockets, do they gape open?  Women who have hips that are wider often notice their pockets won’t close.  This style is not your best style.
  4. Does the seam at the shoulder of your blouse sit at your shoulder or does it fall over the edge?  Your shoulder seam should sit at the point where your arm and shoulder meet.
  5. If you are wearing a dress or blouse, stand, looking at yourself in the mirror, does the fabric on your garment flow smoothly over your body or does it cling to your body parts showing all your bumps and curves?  If it does, the fabric may not be your best fabric.

You don’t have to walk away from these pieces though.  Assess whether a simple alteration will make it fit your body!  Clothes are made for the “perfect” body and I don’t know a woman alive who has the “perfect” body! So get into alterations  before it goes on your body!

Your clothes should fit the curves of your body and smooth from top to bottom. This simply means that it should fit, shaping your curves but not hug your curves.

As I said, fiber technology advances have made some fabrics cinch and shape and other fabrics hug the body. Denim is a great example of a fabric that can cinch and shape.  Jersey is an example of a fabric that can hug.

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“Look Good, Feel Great and Have FUN Doing It!”

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